a meeting between worlds’ enchants Giovinazzo

GIOVINAZZO – On 26 May, in the splendid setting of the Regia Domus, located in the suggestive Borgo delle Sette Torri in Giovinazzo (BA), a prominent event on the international cultural scene took place: “Art and Taste: A meeting between worlds”. The evening represented an unprecedented opportunity to mix the art of cinema with the pleasure of good food, giving guests a unique experience in the world.


The event saw the participation of very important guests of honour, including Igles Corelli, Michelin-starred chef of Gambero Rosso, and Renato Casaro, famous film illustrator. The evening was masterfully organized by Serena Baldaccini, presenter of Mattino Star, who guided those present through a multi-sensory experience capable of enchanting the senses and stimulating the imagination.


Guests were greeted by a palette of gourmet flavors, expertly prepared by chef Igles Corelli, and enjoyed a visual journey through the art of cinema thanks to the works of Renato Casaro. Everything was further enriched by the sweet creations of Master Nicola Giotti, an expert in High Pastry, which satisfied the palates and left an indelible mark in the memory of all those present.


The evening, which harmoniously merged art and taste, was organized in collaboration with the AFP of Giovinazzo. This sports association has recently brought the roller hockey team back to its former glory, which today plays in the A1 series. The successful event not only celebrated culture and gastronomy, but also highlighted the importance of sport and the local community.


“Art and Taste: A meeting between worlds” proved to be an extraordinary event, capable of uniting different forms of artistic expression in an unforgettable experience. The Regia Domus offered a perfect setting for this evening, enhancing the beauty of the Borgo delle Sette Torri and confirming Giovinazzo as a place of cultural and gastronomic excellence.

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