This year too the Palio is yellow and red: Legnarello wins again

This year too the Palio is yellow and red: Legnarello wins again
This year too the Palio is yellow and red: Legnarello wins again

The Palio di Legnano is yellow and red again this year.

Legnarello scores a double: the 2024 Palio is also yellow-red

The centenary edition, which took place today, Sunday 26 May, crowned the Legnarello district, which thus rose to 13 victories, including two consecutively. The Contrada people of Via Dante were in fact the reigning champions. Faithful to the saying “you don’t change a team that wins”, this year too the Giallorossi have entrusted their colors to the jockey Antonio Siriknown as Amsicora, and the horse Woody Woodpecker.

Perfect race for Antonio Siri riding Woody Woodpecker

The two grabbed the victory with a perfect race, which saw them compete with San Magno (with Dino Pesknown as Velluto, on Star), Sant’Erasmo (with Federico Arriknown as Ares, on X-Man) and San Bernardino (with Gavino Sanna on Biancorosso). The starting order was San Magno, Sant’Erasmo, San Bernardino, Legnarello; the arrival one Legnarello, San Magno, Sant’Erasmo and San Bernardino.

The Contrada del Sole thus reaches Corvo with 13 victories

At the Mari Stadium the joy of the Giallorossi people exploded, who as is tradition at the end of the final invaded the pitch to celebrate. The contradaioli led Antonio Siri in triumph, thanking him for having given them a dream and sang choirs to celebrate the 13th victory, which brings Legnarello on a par with Sant’Erasmo (followed by San Magno with 12 victories, La Flora and San Bernardino with nine , San Domenico with seven, Sant’Ambrogio with six and San Martino with five). Then off to the streets of the city to let all the people of Legnano know that Legnarello has won again.

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