fatal mistake and family destroyed

The Lottery brought him a lot of money but also a lot of trouble: his mistake proved fatal.

Close your eyes and try to imagine how this man must have felt when he discovered, some time ago, that he had hit the jackpot of Mega Millions, whose game dynamics are somewhat reminiscent of our Superenalotto. A win that earned him the beauty of 1.35 billion dollars, i.e. the equivalent, so to speak, of 1.24 billion euros.

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He must have jumped for joy and daydreamed because he didn’t yet know that that good news would trigger, as in a sort of domino effect, a real cataclysm. But let’s start from the beginning, before delving into the heart of this undoubtedly singular story. Let’s start by saying, therefore, that the man in question lives in the State of Maine and that his big win dates back to January 13, 2023: he was able to hit, with his combination, the fourth highest jackpot in the history of the United States.

When collecting his winnings, he decided to opt for an annual annuity and to collect, until 2052, 46.5 million dollars every 365 days. Up to this point everything went smoothly, but it didn’t take long for the first problems to start. Naturally, the man’s intention was to share all this money with his family, so much so that, immediately after receiving the first tranche, he opened a trust fund and paid his father’s medical expenses.

He wins the Lottery but “loses” his family

A few weeks later, however, the trouble began. The Maine player’s father told Daily Beast that he was deeply disappointed by his son’s behavior and revealed, again, that he would not do any of the things he had promised to do with the money he had just won.

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The man’s version is different, as he writes The Independent he dragged both the father and mother of his daughter to court for “alleged violation of his non-disclosure agreement”. “I made the mistake of telling my father – this is the official story – that I had won the lottery without making him sign a confidentiality agreement.” The accusation he makes against the woman is, however, that of having told everyone how much their bank account had increased thanks to her win.

The woman, for her part, accused him of having attempted to kidnap his daughter after the man refused to pay for a holiday for her and her new partner. In short, a story worthy of a soap opera, with unpredictable implications and an extremely uncertain ending: who will prevail in court?

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