RELIVE THE LIVE – Lazio, Tudor: “Europa League deserved finish. On the boos…”

RELIVE THE LIVE – Lazio, Tudor: “Europa League deserved finish. On the boos…”
RELIVE THE LIVE – Lazio, Tudor: “Europa League deserved finish. On the boos…”

It ends 1-1 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. There Lazio tears against the Sassuolo the minimum necessary to guarantee participation in the next Europa League. A match devoid of great emotions, except for the free kick Zaccagni which momentarily gave the Biancocelesti the lead, which ended to the dissatisfaction of the Olimpico. To comment on the performance of his boys from the heart of the Capitoline stadium, the coach spoke at the press conference Igor Tudor.

Are you worried about the quality that will start in the summer, from Luis Alberto to Pedro and Felipe? Any news on Kamada?

“The Europa League is a good achievement, deserved. In two and a half months we have made a good journey which concluded with today’s point. There is certainly work to be done, we have opened up to the club and we will do so again. We will work together, doing the right things to improve Daichi there is nothing new, let’s see if there will be in these days”.

How much does Lazio need to grow on the outside? Are today’s ones any good?

“There is a lot of room for improvement. There are good players, others who can adapt and still others who are not. We need to work with the club to allow us to play a certain type of football. I see the possibility of improvement in all departments, we talked about it. We have to play in the league and in the Europa League, we want to create a strong team with the characteristics to play my football.”

Today we saw Rovella again, when will he be important in the Lazio of the future? Did you talk to Eriksson before the match?

“My assistant, Javorcic, and I talked about the atmosphere that could have been this evening. Today was very exciting. Maybe it doesn’t seem like it, but I like it a lot. We talked with Eriksson a bit, he asked me how much he had Ciro scored. Rovella both against Inter and today had two good matches. He can improve, I would like him to improve in recovering balls, his playing qualities are high.”

Is it functional for a team to have a coach with only one year of contract from the start of the season?

“I may be three years old, but nothing changes for me and not even for the locker room, it’s just written papers. You can be five years old and leave after five months.”

Will he ask the company for a market that will allow it to create ambitions? Did he come here to win?

“The last time the Scudetto was won in 2000. I don’t think a coach comes and asks for a modest team, he always wants to have the strongest. My feeling is that the president wants it too. I’m at the center of the choices and that’s right, now we just have to work because it’s the players who make the difference, the coach indicates the team, but if a squad is in a certain position, little can change”

The stadium whistles?

“The fans wanted victory, as did we. Today there were a lot of emotions, a point was enough for us, Sassuolo were carefree. The boys perhaps felt the particularity of the match. I, however, congratulate them because their path is to be praised.”

The training camp will be shorter than usual, what kind of work will you do in the summer?

“For the training camp it’s all year round, you don’t just work hard in training camp. Then there are many races and you work less. During the preparation we will try to do the best job possible. There will definitely be a lot of pedaling to do.”

In which roles do you think you need to strengthen the squad the most? Will Guendouzi be with you next year?

“I’ll keep the answer to myself, it’s right that we talk to each other.”

If Kamada were to stay, do you see him more in the attacking midfield or between the two in midfield? Will Tudor ask for another striker?

“As far as forwards are concerned, the answer is the same as the previous question. Kamada, on the other hand, in my opinion is better in front of the defense rather than in attack, then in some matches we need to place him forward like against Inter. He has an important quality for play in front of the defense.”

How much do you need to work on dead balls and shots on goal? It’s just one

“The statistics are based on the whole year, I only scored part of it. The others also get the goals from set pieces, then the size of the team doesn’t help us and we will have to analyze this because then points are lost during the season “.

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