Gasperini: “Atalanta, I’m staying. Napoli, De Laurentiis’ appreciation is nice”

“It’s clear that De Laurentiis has had very positive appreciation for me for some time, it’s not that I deny it, it also makes me very happy. I was probably in his thoughts as well as other coaches, then Napoli will do their choice. Clearly I am linked to Atalanta and I will remain so. I am like the Carabinieri, faithful over the centuries.” It’s the way in which, after Atalanta’s success over Torino, Gian Piero Gasperini announced on Sky’s microphone that he will remain at Dea. And then to Dazn: “It was legitimate at the end of the season to evaluate on both sides whether we had reached the end of a journey, but then we went in the direction of continuing and we are all happy.”

next season

“Napoli will certainly make a great team, I’m very convinced of this, because they already have a great base and will also make a great team”, says Gasperini, who however already has his mind set on the coming year. With the Goddess: “Next season will be challenging, but I don’t think about it any more than this one. More is impossible, because from a certain point onwards we haven’t stopped playing every three days. If anything, if anything, we add something as important as this one. of the European Super Cup, a Real Madrid-Atalanta would be extraordinary and we hope so. We hope, then clear, they are other challenges, but of great prestige. I think that a club like Atalanta, which had no history of European victories, is after so many years even in Europe there isn’t a case of this kind.”

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in conference

“In these two years there have been moments in which I noticed things that made me think the time had come to leave, but I wanted to leave in the best possible way, without controversy. There were some things, I think the club also perceived them” , Gasperini then added in the press conference. “There were some thoughts, then the next thought was ‘if we think it’s time to leave, let’s do it in the best way’. Then the thing evolved, there were successes, then Antonio Percassi arrived saying to continue”. And on the renewal: “We haven’t done any renewals yet. There were renewals up until two years ago, then there wasn’t a year, then there was a partial one, things that we deal with, always with the utmost esteem , obviously. Because then things are understood. So far we haven’t had much time but there has never been a problem in this respect. We had to decide whether to continue together or whether to stop and we decided.”

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