“Do you really want Marine Le Pen?”. The campaign for the elections in France begins: «Russia is behind the far right»

“Do you really want Marine Le Pen?”. The campaign for the elections in France begins: «Russia is behind the far right»
“Do you really want Marine Le Pen?”. The campaign for the elections in France begins: «Russia is behind the far right»

Ready Set Go. In France the electoral campaign begins for the first round of the legislative elections, which will be held on 30 June. All candidates for the 577 parliamentary seats registered by 6pm on Sunday. Polls say that Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National is credited with around 30% of the votes. Its president Jordan Bardella is aiming for the prime minister’s seat, while party leader Marine Le Pen has said she will ask for Emmanuel Macron’s resignation in the event of victory. Meanwhile, the French philosopher Bernard-Henry Lévy says that Le Pen is «A French Meloni added to Salvini. Le Pen and Bardella are, together, Meloni and Salvini. The French far right has been waging a campaign with Russian money for 10-15 years. The Italian far right is also financed with Russian money. For example Salvini.”

The alliances

The announcement of the alliance with the Republicans had caused a lot of noise. President Eric Ciotti, however, was not followed by his leaders but nevertheless stipulated an electoral agreement with RN. Eric Zemmour’s Riconquista also announced that he will not run in almost half of the constituencies so as not to favor “the architects of national unity”. That is, the New Popular Front, today credited with 25% of voting intentions. The economic program provides for a minimum wage of 1,600 euros, farewell to pension reform and the indexation of wages to inflation. But Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire defines it as disastrous. Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced measures to support purchasing power, such as cutting electricity bills.

The polls

Macron’s party, on the other hand, is credited with 20% of the votes and has decided not to present candidates in around twenty constituencies considered losers. Former president François Hollande surprised everyone by announcing his candidacy with the socialists. 400 will instead be the anti-Ciotti candidates of Lr. Meanwhile, the left brings 640 thousand people to the streets against the French far right and footballers such as Kylian Mbappé and Marcus Thuram are appealing to vote. Like the latter’s father, Lilian. In the interview he gives to La Repubblica, Bernard-Henry Lévy explains that in his opinion «these elections are a truth-telling operation. The question posed by Macron is the following: “Do you really want Marine Le Pen in power?”. Do you really want far-right populists to take over the institutions?”

The philosopher

Lévy says that behind the boom of the far right in the elections there is part of the responsibility of the French left, which «has agreed to compromise on essential things. Then there are those who I call honest conservatives, who have been making compromises with Le Pen for years, playing on ambiguity. Until all this takes its toll.” And then he returns to the French far right about Russia’s money: «The Soviet Union collapsed because of America, the Pope, Soviet dissidents and because of Europe. Putin said this in his meetings at the Valdai club and pointed out Europe as one of those responsible for the disintegration of the USSR, which for him was the greatest catastrophe of the twentieth century. The second reason is ideology. We must never underestimate dictators, see them only as power-hungry beasts. They are ideologues, and so is Putin. He believes in a new Europe that will reduce freedoms, which will level the rule of law, which privileges ties of blood over those of citizenship.”

Putin’s metaphysics

For the philosopher «there is even a Putinian metaphysics, which contrasts what his ideologists call “tellurocazia” – the power of the earth, of the great endless Russian land – with “thalassocracy”, the opening towards the sea and the West. Among the ideologists who inspire him is Alexander Dugin, who adds racism and anti-Semitism to these theories to the point of promoting an alliance with radical Islamism. In the tellurocratic scheme dear to Dugin there is also a project for a great alliance between what he calls the Slavic soul and the most violent radical Islamism. Putin declared that the main obstacle to building this tellurocratic Eurasia is Europe as we think of it. And he goes out of his way to weaken democracies.”

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