«Stoltenberg? I advise greater caution. Referendum? I’m not leaving”

«I don’t know why Stoltenberg says something like that. You have to be very careful. I agree that NATO must maintain its firmness, it must not …

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“I do not know why Stoltenberg say something like that. You have to be very careful. I agree that the Born it must maintain its firmness, it must not show signs of giving in. There are many questionable statements. I remember Macron. I advise greater caution. It is important that NATO continues to maintain support for Ukraine in order to achieve peace.” The prime minister said it Giorgia Meloni guest of “In half an hour” on Rai 3 commenting on Stoltenberg’s words on the lifting of the ban on using Western weapons to strike in Russia. In the meantime «the League is ready to file an agenda or a question aimed at censoring the war words of the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg. First signatory, Claudio Borghi.” Matteo Salvini’s party made this known in a note.

Manfred Weber: «An air shield for Europe. Melons with us after the vote? Here are our conditions”

Meloni: «EU, I am not willing to form an alliance with the left»

Speaking about the possible majority at the helm of the next EU Commission, Meloni declared: «I’m not used to giving certificates of presentability. My goal is to build an alternative majority. The objective is a centre-right majority and to send the left into opposition in the EU. I think that rainbow majorities only produce downward compromises and we cannot afford a weak Europe.” And she added: “I’m not willing to form a majority with the left, everything else is clear.”

«Prize-winning? The referendum idea doesn’t scare me”

On the premiership and reforms «I think that the request for dialogue should not be addressed to me, I started from a French-style semi-presidentialism proposal, therefore we have made a reform that does not affect the powers of the head of state and does one thing for everyone, introduces a great element of stability.”

«I don’t understand the opposition of the left» given that we are faced with «a system from which Italians benefit, “they will have to pass on our bodies” said Schlein and they say no to the direct election of the prime minister but propose to double the number of senators for life”, he adds. “The idea of ​​the referendum doesn’t scare me and it’s not about me,” she explains, responding to those who remind her of having said “it’s make or break.”

“The Italians will have to decide, they will choose, I aim to reach the end of the legislature, at which point the Italians will judge me”, concludes the prime minister.


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