The latest occupation. Evicted from the unsafe house in a few hours

The latest occupation. Evicted from the unsafe house in a few hours
The latest occupation. Evicted from the unsafe house in a few hours

The fastest occupation in history, perhaps a record. A handful of hours and the sixteenth job in 21 years of life was aborted peacefully.

Yesterday at dawn the officers of the Monza Police Headquarters just needed to take advantage of a moment of distraction and relaxation from their antagonists, and they entered the last structure they had occupied since the evening before, actually remaining mostly outside in the square in front of it. . On Friday evening, after a protest march under the storm, the antagonists had chosen an abandoned building in Piazza Podgora 6, in the San Rocco district, but yesterday they were no longer there. And not even their banner. After an evening of partying that lasted until 3 am, according to the neighbors, the police and firefighters arrived at dawn, and in fact everything was over.

The building is too dilapidated and dangerous, no electricity, precarious hygienic conditions where once there were 4 apartments and until a dozen years ago a bar, which has now moved a few meters. “The rubble was falling, the windows are now empty holes” is the story of the neighbours.

Yesterday a police car was still guarding a now empty structure waiting for it to be closed permanently and its last owners to return. “Mice and cockroaches” assures another neighbor. Yet another occupation, the sixth in the last two years (via Timavo, via Val d’Ossola, via Verità, the waste factory via Salvo d’Acquisto, via Boccaccio and piazza Podgora) had arrived after the eviction suffered just 24 hours earlier, when they were dislodged on the fifth day of occupation of the legendary hockey rink along the walls of the Park.

Safety conditions, and a recovery plan for the abandoned structure to bring it back to greenery, as envisaged by the new master plan, had left no escape. It is no coincidence that this time, in addition to the mayor Paolo Pilotto, the world of environmentalists also took part in rebuking the antagonists, who could not digest yet another human settlement in the greenery of the Park. The antagonists, however, are very critical: “The act is part of the now long series of events that is turning Pilotto’s “orange” Monza into a national repressive laboratory. Extremely serious, in addition to the eviction, is the fact that the staff of the Monza Police Headquarters have reported for occupation of the seven people who, outside the space, were taking part in the anti-eviction breakfast. Faced with this clearly intimidating event, we see a significant leap in quality in the threatening attitude of the Police to which it is urgent to give a strong and united response. “. And they had relaunched with a public assembly in via Enrico da Monza on “high cost of living, social struggles, repression convened together with the acronyms of grassroots trade unionism and to gather together all those who have animated the spaces of via Boccaccio 3 in recent days and define the program of mobilizations for the next few days”. Then on Friday the protest procession, under the storm and the new lightning occupation. “The earth trembles, the sky darkens… Foa Boccaccio occupies without fear” is their slogan. “After a procession in the downpour we opened a new space in Piazza Podgora 6 in Monza – the announcement -. DJ set and party immediately, come and support and defend the new occupation!”. But it’s already over. We’ll see where the hide-and-seek challenge with the Police Headquarters and the Municipality will lead. Some young people have been identified..

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