Marche Fire Brigade, CGIL, regional urgent technical rescue system collapsing

Marche Fire Brigade: operational and administrative staff reduced to the bone with a shortage of around 20% throughout the region. This means that, in each command, in the Marche, a rescue team of 5 units is eliminated every day.

The working hours are exhausting and, in the event of major accidents, considering the lack of staff, the necessary changes in interventions are not possible.

In the event of the simultaneous exit of multiple vehicles, even the central offices remain undefended, with no personnel necessary to move the remaining vehicles which thus remain stationary in the garages rather than being used as support vehicles for operational needs.

There are also difficulties in carrying out any type of training for staff on new vehicles which often remain stationary and unused.

There is no possibility for the staff to carry out the expected and necessary re-training (professional training), thus exposing the workers to enormous risks, mostly finding themselves in the event of an accident even without any insurance coverage as the Fire Brigade is not included. in the INAIL insurance system.

A paradox for such a complex and risky job, in which workers are particularly exposed to contamination of all kinds and come into contact with materials already declared carcinogenic such as asbestos.

Furthermore, there is no recognition of occupational diseases, PPE (personal protective equipment) is insufficient and non-existent decontamination procedures complete a disastrous picture in terms of the health and safety of emergency workers.

Add to this the fact that the Fire Brigade works with an employment contract that has expired two years ago, and that they are preparing to face the summer with a further increase in rescue interventions, with a system already in trouble, aggravated by the reckless choice of administration of having postponed, due to internal management problems, in the middle of the summer, a competition to move up the qualification to Team Leader which, although necessary, falls into the middle of the summer, worsening an already explosive condition.

This situation is also exasperated by a total “disconnect” between the leaders of the National Corps and the real and daily needs and difficulties present on a daily basis in the area.

The Fire Brigade is imploding and will soon no longer be able to respond to citizens’ requests for help.

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