Fusilli’s appeal: I will listen to the residents, yes to the exchange of ideas – Pescara

Fusilli’s appeal: I will listen to the residents, yes to the exchange of ideas – Pescara
Fusilli’s appeal: I will listen to the residents, yes to the exchange of ideas – Pescara

PESCARA. The Pescara of the present, he says Gianluca Fusilli, 54 years old, Renzian mayoral candidate with United States of Europe, “is no longer a lively city”. And without a change of direction, observes the former parliamentarian, «I don’t dare imagine what the new city will be. We need a clear and simple project.” If he were elected mayor, Fusilli’s “priority” for the next three years would be to prepare the ground for the merger between Pescara, Montesilvano and Spoltore which should take place in 2027: “We have the possibility”, says Fusilli, “to exploit with the city new, a great opportunity to improve the quality of life.” Fusilli, after the blessing of Matteo Renzion an electoral tour last Monday in Pescara, is certain: «We will be the real surprise of the elections».
PWhy should the people of Pescara vote for you?
«Because we represent a clear alternative to the current administration. And we say thanks to the past, but also yes to the future. Pescara is the city we love, which must return to cultivating its vocation as a modern, dynamic, lively, sometimes even brazen city. For this to happen we need a clear and simple project and we are explaining ours to our fellow citizens. I believe they will understand the difference, and that we will be the surprise at the polls with the United States of Europe.”
There are just a few days left until the elections, what message do you want to send to citizens?
«We would like to convince many who are disheartened by the institutions that this is a decisive electoral event. We have the opportunity to exploit with the new city a great opportunity to improve the quality of life and the opportunity to realize the wishes of those who already live in Pescara and of others who we hope will choose to come here in the near future. For this to happen, it is crucial that many people participate by voting.”
Pescara five years ago and Pescara today, is it better or worse?
«Unfortunately, without raging, Pescara has lost the drive it had as a lively and modern city. It is without maintenance except at random to collect preferences, dirty as I have never seen it in fifty years, dark, with every identity sector in crisis. With the crucial infrastructures such as port, airport, equipped axis, motorway, still halfway done. And with healthcare that is absolutely insufficient for the real needs of today’s Pescara residents. I can’t imagine what the new city will be like if this continues.”
What is the worst thing Masci did during his 5 years in the Municipality?
“TO Carlo Masci I would ask to go back to cultivating the habit of real confrontation with the city at every level, because the city is an entity in continuous movement and there are no optimists who, within their confines of frequenting, can think they always have the solution improve. An institution is characterized not only by the substance of its provisions, but also by its form. As for mistakes, he has made many, like each of us: Viale Marconi is evident, the Region building in the resulting area is in progress. We trust that the citizens will send him a clear message on this.”
If you could go back, is there one thing you wouldn’t do?
«Many. Only those who don’t do don’t make mistakes. If he asks me one, I’ll tell you that I too was a fan of ideological bipolarism. It’s bad for cities because it doesn’t help solve citizens’ problems. Only the comparison between ideas, even different ones, helps a city grow.”
A PD poll indicates a situation of uncertainty with a possible run-off: in your opinion, how will it end?
«Polls, as we had the opportunity to verify at the last regional elections, often help to calm the minds of those who pay them. And moreover this from the Democratic Party expresses an irrefutable fact: the story of the useful vote does not exist. However, I believe that the ballot is good for everyone. It requires the comparison of ideas and reduces the presumption of those who think they have done only well on one side, and to put vetoes on the other. United States of Europe will be the surprise at the polls. With all due respect to the pollster.” (pl)

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