the bulletin for tomorrow Tuesday 28 May


The weather forecast in Giugliano in Campania for Tuesday 28 May they predict variable conditions during the day. They will be there in the morning and afternoon overcast skies with a cloud cover which will reach the maximum of 100%. Temperatures will remain around 20-23°Cwith a slight chance of rain during the morning and early afternoon.

During the morningthe wind speed it will be approximately 6-9km/h from Southwest, with light gusts. L’humidity will settle around 56-78% and the atmospheric pressure it will be stable on 1016hPa.

In the afternoonthe situation will not change much, with skies still overcast and temperatures remaining around 22-23°C. There chance of rain will increase slightly, reaching 25% in the early hours of the afternoon.

During the eveningthe clouds will begin to thin out, making room for few clouds it’s a cloud cover around 15-50%. Temperatures will drop slightly, settling around 19-21°C. There chance of rain will be lower, around 9%.

In conclusion, Tuesday 28 May in Giugliano in Campania will see a day with mostly overcast skies, mild temperatures and a slight possibility of rain during the morning and afternoon. The weather conditions will remain stable over the next few days, with variable skies and temperatures that will fluctuate around Tuesday’s values.

All the weather data for Tuesday 28 May in Giugliano in Campania

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