«Persecuted, but I didn’t want to kill» – Teramo

TERAMO. Forty minutes face to face with the judge to say that he didn’t want to kill but only to scare, that he is a victim of “social stalking”, that he is persecuted by politics and by his neighbors. But also to ask, through tears, to be helped “because I don’t feel well and I want to talk to someone who can give me a hand.”
For the 56 year old Alberto Garzarelli the first judicial epilogue takes place in a room of the Castrogno prison where the validation hearing took place yesterday morning before the judge Marco Procaccini.
The 56-year-old former tobacconist from Nereto, who fired a gunshot at the municipal and provincial councilor on Wednesday Luciano Giansante grazing him and then barricading himself in the house after threatening to set himself on fire, he is accused of attempted murder, resisting a public official, illegal possession of weapons and injuries (Giansante was given a seven-day prognosis). In front of the judge and his lawyer Luca Macci (initially appointed as public defender and then trusted defender), Garzarelli said that he had a debt of over 200 thousand euros with the Revenue Agency, that he had asked for help but had not received answers, that in the past he had had verbal clashes with the councilor who is his neighbor and of having filed a complaint against him. “Everyone laughs at me,” he said, “and I’m tired of it.” On Wednesday he was at the bar when he saw Giansante for the first time. «I went home and here I realized that I hadn’t paid for the drink», he said, «so I went out with the money and the gun and went back to the bar. With the gun I only wanted to scare, I didn’t want to kill and the shot went off accidentally. And then I ran away.” He confirmed, as he had said immediately, that he had purchased the real gun on the illegal market. The lawyer Macci did not oppose the validation of the measure and asked for the replacement of prison with house arrest, reserving the right to request a psychiatric evaluation of his client in the future. The magistrate’s decision will be made in the next few hours.

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