Gendrey inexhaustible, Berisha excellent prospects. Wasteful attack: the report cards • SalentoSport

Gendrey inexhaustible, Berisha excellent prospects. Wasteful attack: the report cards • SalentoSport
Gendrey inexhaustible, Berisha excellent prospects. Wasteful attack: the report cards • SalentoSport


Falcone 7: Not a day of super work, also because, on a couple of occasions, he was saved by the woodwork. But when he is called into question he responds presently, as a champion, on Ngonge and on Kvara, bringing home the fifth clean sheet out of ten games played in the Gotti era. Heritage of Salento.

Gendrey 7: He has surplus energy as if it were at the beginning of the season and runs like crazy until the 95th minute. But it’s not just running: he shows up, exchanges well with his teammates, often limits Kvara alone (because Almqvist is unable to give him a hand), making practically nothing mistakes in defense and having a hand in the team’s most beautiful and dangerous actions. Closing in style.

Baschirotto 6.5: He muzzles everyone and also saves a goal that was almost scored against Kvara, blocking a slide. Precise, punctual and essential, also for having limited his long throws. He ends the championship with zero goals, a shame.

Pongracic 6.5: He still enjoys going out with the ball and setting up the offensive action, like he did when he was young when he had a different role. Some significant interventions in the area. Closing of the season with applause.

Rooster 6: It takes him a long time to calibrate the cross-producing machine while in defense he makes almost nothing mistakes. He loosens his leg in the second half but the residual fuel, at the end of the season, is what it is, after having run hundreds of kilometers from August to today.

(64′ Small) 5: He has two good opportunities to hit the goal but he wastes them both quite clumsily, also adding a few balls that are controlled or returned badly. A little too grumpy with his classmates.

Almqvist 5: Suffers Kvara’s outbursts on his wing, struggling to get the measure of him throughout the first half. He wastes several balls and the only good thing is the bucking in the 40th minute with an assist for Berisha. He also suffers in the second half. It’s clear that the role of winger in the 4-4-2 doesn’t really suit him.

(55′ Gonzalez) 6: Ups and downs as in the entire championship. A slightly underhand approach, then the quality in the dribbling and verticalization comes out, combined with a good run in the rebound phase.

Blin 6: With Ramadani, especially in the first part of the first half, he has a lot to do and often resorts to the foul when he doesn’t get there with his legs. The zip, however, holds up well and the captain improves in tone as the minutes pass, making himself more noticeable when not in possession of the ball.

(77′ Oudin) 6: He wastes the ball served to him by Rafia which could have made it 0-1. In the final, he throws Piccoli into the goal who imitates him, throwing away an excellent opportunity.

Ramadan 6.5: Inexhaustible scooter even at the end of the championship, when, perhaps, thoughts could already turn to the upcoming European Championships and, perhaps, the desire to pull the leg back a little might arise. But the Albanian never does it, chasing opponents, resolving defensive situations and building offensive ones always effectively.

Dorgu 7: As with Gendrey, it seems like the start of the championship for the Dane too. He comes close to scoring with a left-footed shot that is a few centimeters wider than necessary, but is always present in Lecce’s most important actions, with the license to enter the pitch and target the opponent. He also shows progress and above all in his character, in seeking the play with courage, in the timing of defensive closures. In this Serie A, Dorgu can play calmly and without awe towards anyone.

Berisha 6.5: Deployed as a midfielder, he shows flashes of quality and good vision of the game. He takes a few minutes to get going, then, once the emotion has passed, he does what he does well: play easier and more often than before, not wasting balls, verticalizing for the striker. He also has a goal in the 40th minute but shoots badly. Before leaving the field due to cramps, he frees Piccoli to shoot. Another good prospect to grow.

(77′ Raffia) 6.5: Two beautiful things and one so-and-so. A nice long cross to the center for Piccoli who doesn’t reach it in the 79th minute; large number in the 83rd minute and service for Oudin with a wide ball with an almost certain hit; the dribbling on the edge of his own area in the 94th minute was a little too risky.

Krstovic 5.5: Today the only striker and the work to be done up front, in holding the ball, turning it over and perhaps shooting on goal, becomes more complicated due to the skill of the opposing defenders. Nice assist that frees Dorgu to shoot, with the ball then hitting the post but it’s his only flash.

(55′ Pierotti) 6: He enters the field, as usual, with the desire to do, to play, to be seen and to build something good going forward. He misses a few too many balls but makes a good assist for Piccoli then preceded by Meret.

All. Gotti 6.5: This time Lecce is also there mentally, as well as physically. He experiments with the 4-4-1-1 with Berisha behind Krstovic and the test can be said to have been passed. The team suffers from the liveliness of the blue maneuver at the start, then increases in tone, tightens the spaces and plays a match of order and character, risking – yes – losing it, but also winning it on several occasions. At the moment, Turin is enjoying the result of the “Maradona”. What matters most is having achieved the objective and having put in place everything you had to give, right up to the last second. This Lecce must start again from Luca Gotti also for his 19th Serie A championship.

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