Castellammare di Stabia, first Regional Congress of the Pianeta Sindacale Carabinieri association

Castellammare di Stabia, first Regional Congress of the Pianeta Sindacale Carabinieri association
Castellammare di Stabia, first Regional Congress of the Pianeta Sindacale Carabinieri association

On 05/28/2024 the Campania region, at the Hotel dei Congressi in Castellammare di Stabia, will host the first Regional Congress of the professional association with a trade union character Carabinieri PSC Trade Union Planet – TOGETHER.
The Pianeta Sindacale Carabinieri trade union association represents one of the major Carabinieri trade associations that emerged in the new trade union panorama that was created with the opening to unionization of the armed forces.
“This event is unique in the history of the Carabinieri and represents a milestone in the development of Italian trade unionism”, declares Vincenzo Romeo, General Secretary of PSC.
For the first time, all the Carabinieri are called to democratically elect their representatives and the managers who will lead the association for the next four years.
Since its establishment, Pianeta Sindacale Carabinieri has established itself as an interlocutor with the government for the protection of the Carabinieri and for the improvement of their working conditions, so that they can offer a service that is increasingly responsive to the growing security needs of the community.
Military and civil authorities will be invited.
Pianeta Sindacale Carabinieri – PSC ASSIEME is a professional association of a trade union nature of the Carabinieri authorized by the Minister of Defense on 26 February 2021.
The formal proposal for its constitution was drawn up on 28 September 2020 during a meeting in Rome with 40 members of the Corps, concluding a year and a half of meetings (which took place mainly electronically) and discussions. This final meeting was called, quite naturally, “TOGETHER Meeting”, and led to the definition of a human, moral and professional path. The final name of the project took shape and was entitled PIANETA SINDACALE CARABINIERI – PSC ASSIEME. The association’s logo represents a hawk in the colors of the tricolour, a symbol of speed and courage, that courage of those who swoop down to achieve their objectives and, in the case of PSC ASSIEME, one of these is meeting the expectations of the associated Carabinieri.
Pianeta Sindacale Carabinieri aims to be a reliable point of reference for the Carabinieri, combining advanced technological support and personal assistance: the tutors and local reference coordinators are available to the member at any time. Furthermore, each member has access to a dedicated web area for confidential communications and exclusive services, with particular attention to legal protection, health and well-being, including healthcare, psychology and prevention initiatives. PSC ASSIEME is dedicated not only to professionally representing today’s Carabinieri, but also to building a shared and sustainable future for the association and its members.

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