Lazio Meravigliosa repeats in Velletri on 15 and 16 June

To satisfy the huge demand of the many fans of the Castelli Romani, the organizers have agreed to organize a last stage of the event which has so far received at least 30,000 spectators in one of the towns of that area rich in Biancocelesti fans who have always been close to the first team of the capital.

The choice of Velletri was desired by the stubbornness of a group of Lazio people who, in the absence of clubs in the area, are trying to revive a local point of reference which they have decided to call “Circolo Velletri Biancoazzurra”. and it is with this event that they hope to restore vitality to a town that has always been a white-celestial fiefdom.

We still have in our eyes and still feel the chills of Lazio Empoli on May 12th a few weeks ago, which gave us many emotions and left pleasant memories of that team that 50 years ago made the spectators of the Olimpico go crazy with joy, in that Lazio Foggia played in an Olympic stadium full of Biancocelesti flags.
In Velletri in the town hall, right in the city centre, the party will continue on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6.30pm with a break from 1.30pm to 3pm.
It was May 12, 1974 when 85,000 fans drunk with joy celebrated Lazio’s first scudetto, one of the most sensational sporting feats in history. So extraordinary that it resists the wear of time, in the stories of its protagonists, in television amarcords, in books. Many of the key characters of this unrepeatable popular football novel have left us, most of them prematurely, which is why that WONDERFUL Lazio is described as beautiful and cursed, but still legendary, known and appreciated throughout the world.
The legend materialized in a traveling event which from February to June, through an exhibition of memorabilia, photographs and videos, allows the visitor to savor the history, climate and emotions of those years.
Former players, witnesses, writers were available to the public in the seven locations of the exhibition to relive that atmosphere together, and they will also be available in Velletri, where you can admire original historical memorabilia, t-shirts, boots, balls, trophies, tickets and pennants immersed in a context of the history of Lazio illustrated from its birth to today, where the 70s will prevail, but past and recent victories will not be forgotten.
A particular section will take care of all the days of that championship told by newspaper clippings and memorabilia of the opposing teams that faced it, illustrating the first and second round to tell the story of SS LAZIO without disrespecting anyone, on the contrary involving all the other football clubs in writing and experiencing this event.

Many former footballers and their families will enjoy the joy of the fans inside the town hall all weekend long, as will the Olympic eagle with his falconer Juan Bernabè, who will be available to visitors for both days photograph.

The exhibition will be curated by the Lazio Clan Latina, the Collectors’ League, the Nine January Millenovecento Study Center, the Lazio museum – www.maglielazio.it, leading associations in the sector, which will try to make this two-day Veliterna stage unforgettable.


Follow the developments and more in-depth details on the Facebook page of the “Lazio Meravigliosa” event and on the “Circolo Velletri Biancoazzurra” page.



Below is the poster with the program:

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