Serie A2 playoffs, Unieuro also falls in Trieste and exits the competition

Serie A2 playoffs, Unieuro also falls in Trieste and exits the competition
Serie A2 playoffs, Unieuro also falls in Trieste and exits the competition

During the presentation of the playoff semi-final series Coach Antimo Martino he had been very clear, “We need to raise the level of performance”. Yes, because already in the series against Elachem Vigevano, being forced to close the account in game 4 had sounded like a dangerous alarm bell.

Moreover, the Unieuro, number one seed in the gold draw, had entered the decisive phase of the playoffs loaded with the sporting drama of Kadeem Allen’s injury and with Pollone “scavigliato”. But despite the strength of the group, the push of the fans, and an excellent pedigree, made precious by the conquest of the Serie A2 Italian Cup, the level of performance, unfortunately, did not rise.

And an honest and compact person took advantage of all this Pallacanestro Trieste who won the series with attitude and determination and gained, with merit the playoff final. A final that will see her face the winner of the clash between Apu Udine and Pallacanestro Cantù. Substantially all outsiders, all teams that a full Forlì would have easily overcome.

But the graves are full of ifs and nevers. The reality is that the red and whites from Romagna, in the decisive moment of the tournament and with a fabulous season behind them, fall one step away from the dream. But they fall amid applause and with the honor of arms for what they have done. And they fall above all because, in Serie A2, “giving” a foreigner to anyone is a “luxury” that cannot be afforded.


Pallacanestro Trieste got off to a strong start immediately and was already ahead at the end of the first half +8, 19-11 the partial. In the second quarter Unieuro has a surge of strength and pride and plays a quarter with very high scores, scoring 23.

But Coach Jamion Christian’s team is solid, well-tested and above all healthy and responds in kind by scoring as many points. We go to rest on 42-34 for the hosts.

Upon returning to the parquet after the long break, Forlì attempted a further, desperate assault on the home team’s fort. Down 8 and 0-2 in the series you can’t help but go for broke, but the reduced rotations, theI don’t allow sophisms with physical and mental tiredness combined with the strength of Trieste.

The half ends at 22-19 for the Giulians. At minute 30 the PalaTrieste scoreboard reads 64-53 for the hosts. In the final quarter Martino’s team remained afloat driven by Cinciarini, Zampini and Johnson who were decidedly stoic, but Brooks, Candussi and Filloy conceded nothing. On the contrary.

The final quarter ends 21-15 for Pallacanestro Trieste, a figure that sets the final score at 85-68, a score that is worth game 3 and above all worth the series. Pallacanestro Trieste wins and flies to the final, for Unieuro Forlì the season ends prematurely, amidst a thousand recriminations and much, much, too much bad luck to decide the outcome


Trieste Basketball – Unieuro Forlì 85-68 (19-11, 23-23, 22-19, 21-15)

Trieste Basketball: Eli jameson Brooks 18 (4/8, 2/7), Francesco Candussi 15 (6/6, 1/3), Ariel Filloy 14 (2/5, 3/7), Michele Ruzzier 13 (2/5, 3/ 7), Leo Menalo 10 (0/0, 3/4), Giovanni Vildera 4 (1/4, 0/0), Lodovico Deangeli 4 (2/4, 0/1), Stefano Bossi 4 (1/2, 0/1), Giancarlo Ferrero 3 (0/0, 1/2), Luca Campogrande 0 (0/0, 0/0), Danny Camporeale 0 (0/0, 0/0), Matteo Rolli 0 (0/ 0, 0/0)
Free throws: 10 / 15 – Rebounds: 34 11 + 23 (Giovanni Vildera 13) – Assists: 23 (Michele Ruzzier 11)

Unieuro Forlì: Daniele Cinciarini 23 (6/10, 3/7), Federico Zampini 18 (3/3, 3/5), Xavier Johnson 10 (4/10, 0/2), Todor Radonjic 6 (0/1, 1/3 ), Daniele Magro 4 (2/3, 0/1), Luca Pollone 3 (0/1, 1/2), Fabio Valentini 2 (1/3, 0/2), Davide Pascolo 2 (1/5, 0 /0), Maurizio Tassone 0 (0/0, 0/0), Michele Munari 0 (0/0, 0/0), Edoardo Zilio 0 (0/0, 0/0)
Free throws: 10 / 16 – Rebounds: 33 8 + 25 (Xavier Johnson 11) – Assists: 9 (Federico Zampini 3)

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