EAV issue, meeting between Salvatore Alaia and Enzo Ciniglio.

Discussion on the closure of the Baiano-Naples section.

A crucial meeting was held yesterday between Salvatore Alaia, former Mayor of Sperone, Enzo Ciniglio, business consultant, and the members of the Committee against the closure of the Baiano-Naples railway section. The meeting addressed concerns related to the imminent interruption of the rail service and the implementation of the replacement road service, which will have a significant impact on local communities.

  1. Interruption of Public Service Starting from 1 July, the rail service on the Baiano-Naples route will be replaced by a road service. This decision excludes several municipalities currently reached by the train, not guaranteeing the same level of service, as required by law. Local governments should consider this interruption of public service as a serious shortcoming.
  2. Disparity in Maintenance Work The maintenance works planned for the Baiano-Naples section are significantly less demanding than those of the Naples-Sorrento section, where the works will take place at night so as not to interrupt the daytime service. Our trains have been moved to facilitate night work in Naples-Sorrento, leaving our local service less efficient.
  3. Daily Maintenance Work According to the EAV manager, the works on the Baiano-Naples route could be carried out both at night and during the day. However, it was decided to perform them during the day, a decision that met with no resistance. The law requires that, for safety reasons and considering the high temperatures, the daily working hours of the workers must be evaluated.
  4. Supervision of Sperone Station Sperone station will not be open or manned during the works. The question arises whether there is a security service in the area to ensure safety during the outage period.
  5. Work Projects on the Tracks and Passageways Work is planned on the tracks and level crossings of the affected section. The question asked concerns the availability of projects filed with the Municipal Technical Office (UTC), given that accidents are often caused by problems related to maintenance.

The meeting underlined the need for an open and constructive dialogue between local administrations, those responsible for the works and the community, to guarantee an efficient and safe service for all citizens.

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