Region, meeting between Occhiuto and industrial experts

CATANZARO The President of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto met with the representatives of the Professional Orders of Industrial Experts and Graduated Industrial Experts of the Provinces of Catanzaro, Crotone, and Vibo Valentia. The meeting was organized by the Regional Councilor Antonello Talerico, who intends to promote a strong synergy and collaborative activity between the various professional orders and the Regional Authority, in order to improve the services aimed at public bodies and individual citizens, with the involvement of the various technical figures, also with a view to signing memoranda of understanding and agreements to involve members of professional associations in government action in fire prevention, safety, control and verification activities of public buildings, but also to concretely implement environmental protection. The discussion focused on the professional activity and the rooting of the figure of the Industrial Expert in the regional territory. In conclusion, the parties agreed to work in a synergistic manner in order to research, implement and activate agreements with the objective of simplification and resolution of the various technical issues insistent in the regional territory which fall within the activities carried out by the industrial experts and not only for participation in the discussions technicians, but also in order to be able to provide professional services in line with the objectives of public bodies. The Presidents of the Industrial Experts and Graduate Industrial Experts of Calabria, Claudio Gigliotti, President of the Order of Catanzaro; Raffaele Scicchitano, President of the Order of Crotone; Angelo Porgo, President of the Order of Reggio Calabria and Francesco Arena, President of the Order of Vibo Valentia, strongly wanted the meeting with the President of the Calabria Region also in the interest of the regional category of Industrial Experts. At the end, the representatives of the professional orders expressed great satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting which represents a unique opportunity to enhance the specialist skills of Industrial Experts through the technical and professional contribution that they will be able to give in a concrete way for the development of Calabria. Further meetings will also follow with the other professional associations, in order to implement what was proposed by the Presidents of the Associations of Industrial Experts.

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