Inter, this is why they like Alex Perez: the point on the negotiations and the plans

Inter, this is why they like Alex Perez: the point on the negotiations and the plans
Inter, this is why they like Alex Perez: the point on the negotiations and the plans

The Nerazzurri have targeted this young and promising Spanish central defender from Betis Sevilla

Between present and future: Inter have targeted Alex Perez, a promising defender born in 2006 for Betis Sevilla, whose contract expires in June 2025. La Gazzetta dello Sport explains what stage the negotiation is at and why the Nerazzurri intend to focus on him: “The agent of the boy born in Madrid to Mozambican parents was spotted at the headquarters of the Nerazzurri club, which aims to carry out an operation similar to the one carried out last summer with Bisseck. As happened with the German, taken from Aarhus by playing ahead of the competition, Inter aims to get their hands on another central defender on the rise“.

Perez has attracted the attention of Inter, Roma and Udinese. Then the injury and the stop that slowed his rise. Betis hoped to take advantage of the brief drop in attention on the boy to complete the contract renewal and ward off suitors, but things are going differently. […] Real Sociedad, Atletico Madrid, Villarreal, Valencia and Salzburg were also interested in him, but Betis prevailed by offering the boy the most attractive growth path. And he has placed strong bets on him since day one, convinced that he had a rough diamond in his hands. This is why that date in the contract which sets the deadline to June 2025, exposing the Andalusians to the risk of losing a talent for whom they made false claims only two years ago, now represents quite a headache“.

Since his arrival in Seville, Perez’s growth has continued at an accelerated pace, so much so that Pellegrini was convinced to take the boy into training camp the following summer too. Beyond his undoubted athletic qualities, the center back of Mozambican origins showed off a strong marking ability and great ease in initiating the action from behind, even starting with the ball at his feet. At home they compare him to a young Piqué. […] In the plans of Inter, who currently seem to be ahead of the competition, there would be the initial inclusion of the boy in the Primavera team. Then, after a year of apprenticeship, promotion to the first team or loan to accumulate further experience. With a view to the renewal of a defensive department which, with Acerbi’s 36 years and De Vrij’s 32, will no longer be able to wait much longer“.


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