BREAKING on Kvara, the announcement on the future of the father and the agent is absurd: Napoli is now shaking

In the last few minutes, important news has arrived about the future of Khvicha Kvaratskhelia. The latest on the Italian talent.

These are hot days for Khvicha Kvaratskhelia. The footballer is currently busy with Georgia at the European Championship, but rumors about his future continue to circulate very persistently. For several months, the club and the player have been discussing a contract renewal which, however, is struggling to arrive. It is no coincidence that the situation is becoming more complicated given the desire of the big names to focus on the player in view of the next few years.

The situation related to Kvaratskhelia it is very delicate. The advent of Antonio Conte at the Court of Vesuvius could allow the player to relaunch himself after the difficult season. Despite this, however, the future is still in the balance. In the last minutes, important details emerged about the future of the class of 2001 in Naples.

Kvaratskhelia, the agent: “We want to leave Naples. We are waiting for the European Championship”

These are hot hours for the future of Kvaratskhelia at Napoli. In this regard, the entourage and the footballer’s father have released some statements to “Sporti Imedze” analyzing the future of the Italian winger. Below are the words.

People: “I don’t want people to think that Kvara wants to stay in Naples. We want to leave, but we are waiting for the end of the European Championship so as not to disturb Khvicha.”

The father: “I don’t want him to stay in Naples, three coaches changed last year and it’s difficult to play in a situation like that”

The future of Kvaratskhelia (LaPresse) –

The words of the protagonists are a clear signal for Napoli. The declarations will quickly go around the world, which is why they will arrive in such a way Aurelio De Laurentiis. The latter has no intention of giving up Kvaratskhelia, even less after the “promise” made to Antonio Conte. The Italian coach wants to focus on the Georgian winger and would not accept a possible transfer in the coming months.

The clubs on the trail of Kvaratskhelia are different, but in particular the PSG. The latter lost Mbappé on a free transfer who will join Real Madrid, which is why there is a need to sign a new top player. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia is considered the “suitable” man to start from to replace the French star. If the Parisian club decides to focus on the 2001 class, a rich offer will have to be made to Castel Volturno. In fact, the only case in which Aurelio De Laurentiis would falter is that linked to a possible indispensable offer.

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