Serie A – Empoli-Roma 2-1 report cards: Niang miracle, Cancellieri decisive, Abraham bad, Dybala stings little

Empoli-Roma, a match valid for the thirty-eighth and final day of Serie A, ended with a score of 2-1, the result of goals from Cancellieri, Aouar and Niang, the latter in the 93rd minute. With this result, Empoli is saved and Frosinone is relegated to Serie B. Roma, however, will play in the Europa League next season. Below are the votes for the protagonists of the match.

Empoli’s report cards

Elijah CAPRILE 6 – Miraculous on the double close attempt by Abraham and Cristante on the occasion of the disallowed goal against Roma: in the end these are the only real saves he has to make. Watch out for the rest.

Bartosz BERESZYNSKI 6 – Participates in the action to make it 1-0 with a nice throw for Gyasi, but he suffers a lot in defense: the Giallorossi equal is born in his area of ​​the pitch. After the break he switches to pure full-back (from 67′ Francesco CAPUTO 5.5 – He has little time or way to show off)

Ardjan ISMAJLI 6.5 – Contains Abraham well, giving little to the Englishman. He gives solidity to Nicola’s defense.

Sebastiano LUPERTO 6.5 – He comes out with his head held high against Dybala, not letting himself be carried away by the Argentine’s play. Confident, focused.

Emmanuel GYASI 6.5 – Ready-go and he is immediately booked for a slap on Angelino. The insertion and assist for Cancellieri were perfect. He comes out at half-time (from 46′ Sebastian WALUKIEWICZ 6 – He moves to the centre-right when he returns from the changing rooms and overall does his job well)

Simone BASTONI 5.5 – Defensively he has some difficulties, especially from a certain point in the match onwards. He struggles on Zalewski and Angelino in the 1-1 draw (from 57′ Jacopo FAZZINI 5.5 – A nice through ball for Cancellieri in the context of a complicated performance)

Razvan MARIN 6 – Must focus on filtering action rather than construction of the maneuver. Overall he does very well. Splendid right-footed shot that hits the crossbar.

Youssef MALEH 6 – In terms of generosity and struggle you can’t say anything to him at all. He leaves every last drop of sweat on the field (from 77′ Nicolò CAMBIAGHI sv)

Released CACACE 6.5 – Great running, excellent breath, the ability to create different dangers. He exchanges with his teammates and goes for the cross. One of the most positive in Empoli.

Matteo CANCELLIERI 7 – He’s hungry, he’s hungry. Well served by Gyasi, he almost immediately beats Svilar for 1-0. Then he gets hypnotized three times by the Roma goalkeeper. At the end, he took the stage again with the assist for Niang’s ecstatic goal.

Mattia RIGHT 5.5 – Has a couple of good chances at the conclusion, but is stopped. He struggles, but he stings little. He comes out between the first and second half (from the 46th minute M’Baye NIANG 7 – The man of salvation. The decisive man. The man who keeps Empoli in Serie A and decides the race for salvation. What else?)

All. Davide NICOLA 6.5 – Regardless of achieving the objective, he accomplished yet another feat: taking a moribund team by the hand and bringing it back to life. He deserves salvation.

Cancellieri’s joy, Empoli-Roma

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Roma’s report cards

Mile SVILAR 5.5 – Every time he has the ball at his feet he gives me more than a shiver, but in low exits he is almost unbeatable: three times he says no to Cancellieri. But the one in the third minute of injury time is a half duck.

Zeki CELIK 6 – He has a lot of worries about containing Cacace. Somehow he manages not to collapse and, in fact, he shows off a couple of good defensive interventions.

Gianluca MANCINI 5.5 – With Cancellieri he doesn’t have an easy life. Only Svilar prevents the situation from worsening definitively.

Evan NDICKA 5.5 – He finds himself in the middle of Gyasi and Cancellieri when Empoli takes the lead, but the mistake is Angelino’s, not his. Then he makes up for it against Destro and in general he doesn’t make individual errors.

José ANGELINO 5.5 – Two-sided match: the mistake that gave Empoli the lead was serious, the cross that gave Aouar the equalizer was perfect.

Edoardo BOVE 6 – He fights, makes himself useful, plays with his teammates. He comes out with his head held high.

Bryan CRISTANTE 5.5 – He loses a ball that risks costing him dearly, but Ndicka makes up for it. Then he scores, but after starting offside. In general, so-so.

Houssem AOUAR 6 – He doesn’t play a great game: far from it. The passing score in the report card, in short, was given to him by the 1-1 header (from 70′ Lorenzo PELLEGRINI sv)

Paulo DYBALA 5.5 – When he lights up, Roma lights up. The problem is that he does it intermittently, and the whole team suffers for it (from 89′ Joao COSTA sv)

Tammy ABRAHAM 5 – He seeks an agreement with Dybala and above all tries to make himself useful to the cause, but he doesn’t have any real scoring opportunities to hurt Caprile (from 70′ Sardar AZMOUN sv)

Nicola ZALEWSKI 6 – In the first half he is one of the most involved and combined with Angelino he brings the score to 1-1. He is not always accurate with his cross, even if he hits the outside post (from 79′ Stephan EL SHAARAWY sv)

Coach Daniele DE ROSSI 5.5 – His Roma take the field in a useless match, try to make sense of the evening, but in the end it ends in a melancholic way.

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