Accident in the mountains, Eleonora Caire died after 48 hours of agony

Almost 48 hours after the accident in the mountains, 33-year-old Eleonora Caire, a surgeon and ski mountaineer from Turin, died in the Santa Croce hospital in Cuneo.

She had been seriously injured during the descent on Saturday while she was with two other tour mates in the Canalone dei Torinesithe normal and steepest route on the Marguareis, above Chiusa Pesio, in the Cuneo area.

The woman arrived in desperate conditions in the emergency room, already stabilized and intubated by the rescuers.

Originally from Turin and residing in Courmayeur in Valle d’Aosta, Eleonora Caire had studied at the City of Health and Science in Turin. She had obtained the specific training diploma in General Medicine in 2018 with the thesis «Animal Assisted Therapies: complementary treatment of interest to the General Practitioner».

Great lover of nature, climbing and ski mountaineeringloved to share every excursion with his dog «Quark».

He collaborated with the association «The House of the Sun – Aps» in assisted therapy projects with animals and many “4-legged therapist” friends. With some psychologist colleagues, he had devised a project in collaboration with the general practitioners of the ASL City of Turin dedicated to the most fragile children, to whom the pandemic has caused symptoms related to post-traumatic stress disorder.

«The doctors did everything possible to save her and those who loved her prayed for her, but, unfortunately, the impact had been too strong and yesterday afternoon (Sunday 19 March, ed) have informed us of his brain death – say the parents -. As surely Ele would have wished, we have given consent to organ donation, that they will thus continue to live, and to give someone a little of that life that Eleonora loved so much. It is a very bad moment for us and for all of you, who loved her and who are writing and calling us incessantly. It is really important to feel your closeness, which confirms once again how big Ele’s heart was, which conquered so many people, in such a profound and intense way”.

And they conclude: «Ele flew away to those mountains that she loved so much and that gave her life and breath». The date of the funeral has yet to be determined.

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