A century of Sanatorium. Today the inauguration of the plaque

One hundred years ago the inauguration. And the Queen arrived in Legnano

Legnano – “Legnano solemnly inaugurates today in the august presence of Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Margaret of Savoy, the grandiose Sanatorium for tuberculosis patients, built with the contribution of industrialists, the population and local authorities”.

With an impressive ceremony, Thursday 19 June 1924, we read between the pages of “Prealpine Chronicle”ancient name of what is today the La Prealpina newspaper, was inaugurated on Regina Elena Sanatorium of Legnano: a work,”honor and pride for the city“.

A very modern institute

In the eyes of the Queen that day, the Sanatorium presented itself in all its magnificence.

“PIt presents a magnificent sight it is read Stillwith its avenues, with flower beds, with rich and collected vegetation, where a very thick curtain of young pines allows us to imagine all the majesty of the future park”. The refectories then, they are described with le “special features of modern hotels”. And then the terraces for the heliotherapy treatment, the Solariums, Today at the center of an important redevelopment work: “large verandas and colonnades, under which the deckchairs can slide out of the shelters on special rails fixed in the floor”.

A very modern institute, located in the Canazza districtat the gates of Legnano, towards the great Lombard Metropolis, where in it all the new suggestions have found practical application that average science has stated in this regard“.

A century of Sanatorium

One hundred years have passed since His Majesty inaugurated this work “monumental and avant-garde”. On Sunday 23 June the plaque dedicated to the centenary of the “Regina Elena” Sanatorium of Legnano. The Municipal Administration wants to make known this place linked to a glorious past of the city of Legnano. (read the program here)

Jessica Urbani

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Jessica Urbani

Born and raised in Legnano, she was interested in the old tales of her city from an early age. By collaborating with the Sempione News editorial team, you can make this passion a daily reality.

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