Administrative. Tomorrow the final phase with three run-offs in Calabria, Vibo Valentia, Gioia Tauro and Montalto Uffugo

By GiLar


In Vibo Valentia the “campo largo” is being tested, the only Calabrian provincial capital where people vote in the run-off, the challenge will be the dentist Enzo Romeo, supported by the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement, they have agreed, in fact, in an alliance still broader group which also included the Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra and the “Progressives for Vibo” list.
While the center-right opposes Roberto Cosentino, leader of the Calabria Region, supported by Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia, by the “Indipendenza” movement, founded by the former mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno, and by the civic lists “Forza Vibo”, “Oltre” and “Vibo Unica”.
It should be noted that the other candidate for mayor in the first round, Franco Muzzopappa, announced his support for Enzo Romeo. While UDC and Lega support Muzzopappa, a split in the first round coalition.
In the first round the most voted candidate, with 38.4%, was Cosentino, while Romeo obtained 31.9%.


In Gioia Tauro the candidates are two women, Simona Scarcella and Maria Rosaria Russo, both from the centre-right area. The official support guaranteed to her by Forza Italia and UDC could be crucial for Simona Scarcella, a lawyer working for the Port Authority. In the first round she obtained 39.2%, while Maria Rosaria Russo, school director, stopped at 35.5%, the latter officially associating herself with the other candidate for mayor in the first round Rosario Schiavone who had obtained 18% of the votes. While the fourth candidate for mayor who remained out of the ballot, Renato Bellofiore, had obtained 7.5%.


In Montalto Uffugo the candidates for mayor, both civic, are Biagio Faragalli, pharmacist and former municipal councilor, and Mauro D’Acri, former regional councilor with responsibility for Agriculture in the council chaired by Mario Oliverio. Faragalli, with 49%, came close to being elected in the first round, while D’Acri stopped at 42.5%. Faragalli –
The ballots, as is known, are unpredictable and the games sometimes reserve many surprises, and we will see this on Monday 24 June after 3pm, when the polls close during the counting. Voting will take place tomorrow 23 June from 7am to 11pm and on Monday 24 June from 7am to 3pm and counting will begin immediately afterwards.

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