Who accuses the Måneskin drummer of sexual abuse? And Giorgia Soleri… – MOW

Who accuses the Måneskin drummer of sexual abuse? And Giorgia Soleri… – MOW
Who accuses the Måneskin drummer of sexual abuse? And Giorgia Soleri… – MOW

What does the Måneskin drummer have to do with the sexual accusations made by a social account that denounces abuse? The musician is not explicitly mentioned, but a series of likes, comments and shares (by exes and friends of exes, including Giorgia Soleri), suggest precisely this…

C‘it was also a chat of Ethan Torchio of Måneskin in the documents of the trial for rape against the footballer Manolo Portanova. An affair, you will remember, dating back to last year; the musician (who had nothing to do with it and is not under investigation, but called to testify by the defence) spoke about sex with the alleged victim with whom he had a relationship prior to the disputed facts. In the chat, about ten pages long, the two casually wrote about the possibility of having a group sexual intercourse. Some time later, yesterday to be precise, a cryptic post appears on the profile of callout_influencers, a solidarity network (as it defines itself) whose caption reads: “If you have suffered a form of abuse at the hands of an influential person, you can use this safe space to make a public warning. You’re not alone”.

THEThe post, which presumably collects more (anonymous) testimonies, reads: “Report about the drummer of a well-known Italian rock band”. And he continues: “He presents himself as a very sensitive and empathetic boy, eager to be active on social rights and who cares deeply, but during the relationship he shows himself in a totally different way that he would never reveal in everyday life… He has shots of very violent anger, which sometimes lead to verbal abuse. He doesn’t get to hit you physically, but he hits what’s around him. He tries to keep you to himself through manipulation and gaslighting (psychological abuse that is increasingly widespread ed)… When his mistake is pointed out to him, he becomes victimized, shifting the focus to his personal problems… He changes girlfriends with shocking speed and prefers open relationships – he says – but when he fears or his partner tells him that she has gone to bed with another male, he sets in motion dynamics of possession and strong emotional reactions…”.

TOanother slide: “He convinces you to have sex without a condom: first he puts it on, he starts intercourse and then stops, placing his male insecurities on you such as ‘I’m afraid he won’t get hard on me’ etc., making you perceive a sort of ultimatum… He came inside me twice by accident and without my consent – speaks the unknown witness – transmitting a virus to me which subsequently passed to me. With another girl, however, there was an unwanted pregnancy resulting in miscarriage… to another she mixed genital herpes, which she will now have for life. They had made a pact: sexual relations outside the couple had to be done with protection… he didn’t keep the pact.” We read: “in two episodes he did not wear it in relationships outside the couple; first time penetrative sex with five people without protection, the second with one. He told his girlfriend only after having already started or concluded penetration, depriving her of the possibility of being able to choose and give her consent to unprotected intercourse… despite having already experienced serious accidents… He seems to repeat the same attitudes: love bombing (manipulation technique implemented by narcissistic people ed), enthusiasm skyrocketing, and then slowly revealing his more angry and abusive part…” Then the conclusion that leaves no room for misunderstanding: “Where there is no information, there is no consensus”.

Dtherefore a series of very strong accusations which seem to be addressed to the drummer of the well-known band (never explicitly mentioned) due to a series of likes (including that ofEx Girlfriend, Laura: see attachments) and shares that suggest exactly this. Starting from the comment in the IG stories of Federippiinstagrammable (feminist) friend of Giorgia Soleri: “the day will come when I will stop surprising myself, but that day is not today”. And other stories: “Sooner or later we will stop asking for justice and we will ask for revenge…”.

TOin the same way ambiguous the ex of Damiano David, Giorgia Soleri in fact, who always via social media almost exonerates herself from the possibility of having spread this gossip herself, with the complicity of her friends. A rumor that could however have serious implications and which “plays” on the precedents of group sex recorded in the trial documents. Meanwhile, there are those who point out a curious detail about the account’s posts – callout_influencers – born only in August, and always shared by the same ones. And if this were revenge…

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