“Our lives have value”

A rainbow parade with music at full volume through the streets of the centre: yesterday afternoon the Varese Pride took place, with the procession organized by Arcigay which started from Piazza Monte Grappa around 5pm. The event took place in partnership with the Municipality of Varese, with the patronage of the University of Insubria and the Canadian Embassy in Italy and the participation of other local entities.

The parade opened by a float on which the godmother of the event, the Roman singer-songwriter and activist for LGBT rights Romina Falconi, who also composed the Varese Pride anthem, was also well attended. “We are here to show that our existence is valid, that we want equal rights – said the president of Arcigay Varese Giovanni Boschini – unfortunately our country is retreating fearfully, it is aligning itself with the bloc of Eastern European countries. We we want to progress, we want to be full citizens with full rights.” The organizers also published a political manifesto of the event which states that Varese Pride recognizes and promotes every form of family, calls for the full recognition of homo-parental families, of egalitarian marriage and asks that the birth certificates of the children of rainbow families are transcribed. Pride also calls for support for the adoption of LGBT people, supports trans subjectivities, calls for safe spaces, claims the fundamental right to health and stands against all forms of war and oppression. Concepts also expressed on the banners displayed during the procession and underlined by the culture councilor of the Municipality of Varese Enzo Laforgia.

“It is an important day because it reminds us that many rights are still denied. There are still worrying manifestations of hatred and discrimination against all forms of diversity.” The parade reached the Estensi Gardens, where the party continued with the Varese Pride Night, with music, entertainment and guests. In addition to Romina Falconi, rapper Chadia Rodriguez was also on stage followed by Cusa Dj’s DJ set.

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