“Moving the Ellera classes to Viale Trento, I ask the mayor for clear answers and certainties”

“Moving the Ellera classes to Viale Trento, I ask the mayor for clear answers and certainties”
“Moving the Ellera classes to Viale Trento, I ask the mayor for clear answers and certainties”

The voice of Mrs. Maria and Mr. Mario – Viterbo – Monia Moneta’s report expressing concern

Viterbo – Viale Trento

Viterbo – We receive and publish – I am a mother who is experiencing a strong moment of apprehension, I am one of many.

My children attend the Ellera comprehensive school and their classes are part of those that will be moved to Viale Trento in September 2024.

I participated in the meeting on 3 June held at PalaMalè with the current municipal council, in the various meetings with opposition representatives and finally I was present at the municipal question on 20 June.

As a mother, I feel cheated because to date there are no answers, much less certainties about the building chosen by the current municipal administration.

The political leaders who today seem to have the future of our children at heart are the leaders of the opposition.

To date it has emerged that no contract has been signed with the building and just over two months before the start of the school year, the renovation work on both the building and the roads has not yet begun.

To date, I ask the mayor Frontini for clear answers and certainties: start of work on the building, safety outside, transport and control by the firefighters of the various systems. Finally, I ask why a better solution than Viale Trento hasn’t been found in more than a year.

Perhaps this administration has not even thought about the great inconvenience that this choice to move some classes of a primary school to a very busy area during school hours could affect us parents and school collaborators.

Monia Moneta

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June 23, 2024

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