Catanzaro, Noto: “Vandeputte? We ask for 4 million”

In an interview with, the president of Catanzaro, Floriano Noto, spoke of the interest of various teams for Jari Vandeputte, one of the jewels of the Calabrian team, and of the coach Vivarini

Floriano Noto confirmed preliminary contacts with several teams for Vandeputtr, but underlined that these are still initial discussions: “We have taken note of the interest of the rosanero, as well as Cremonese in Serie B and teams like Cagliari and Udinese in Serie A At the moment it was a pour parler, because I will have to talk about it with the sporting director and the coach. We’ll see what happens”.

When asked if he would be willing to accept the player’s desire to try a new experience, Noto responded positively: “We are talking about a golden boy and I would be ready to help him with a good offer: if made by a team from the top division or the cadet championship with objectives higher than ours, we are ready to satisfy him. It is clear that the right condition must be met considering the expenses we faced for purchasing the tag”.

Noto also outlined the price that Catanzaro believes is right for Vandeputte: “From some initial evaluations made at the club, the price we set is around four million euros. It is clear that as in any market negotiation, supply and demand will have to meet.”

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