Latina, the 31-year-old laborer mutilated and abandoned in Cisterna died at San Camillo. The police are investigating for very serious injuries and failure to provide aid

Latina, the 31-year-old laborer mutilated and abandoned in Cisterna died at San Camillo. The police are investigating for very serious injuries and failure to provide aid
Latina, the 31-year-old laborer mutilated and abandoned in Cisterna died at San Camillo. The police are investigating for very serious injuries and failure to provide aid

Unfortunately it ended in the worst way possible: he didn’t make it Indian agricultural laborer Of 31 years oldwho was seriously injured in the fields on Monday morning Latin (on a farm in village of Santa Mariawe learn from ANSA) and abandoned on the street near one’s home Cistern of Latina without any help being given to him (indeed, it is not excluded that he was thrown bodily, complete with further fractures, onto a street near his home with his arm detached and thrown into a box). Then called only once they reached his home on foot and from there he was urgently transported by air ambulance to San Camillo in Rome, where he was hospitalized.

According to what was reconstructed by the Carabinieri of the Radiomobile and the Borgo Podgora station who intervened on the spot, while he was working in a local agricultural company, for reasons still under investigation, he was hooked by the roller plastic wrapping machine, towed by a tractor, which severed his right arm and crushed his lower limbs. The laborer was subsequently accompanied home while the severed limb was placed on a box used for harvesting vegetables. After calling for help, the Indian worker was taken to hospital.

The framework of the story, convoluted and smoky, would therefore lead to the signing of a truly unclear action in the workplace. The investigations are conducted by the Carabinieri for very serious injuries and failure to provide aid while investigations are still underway regarding the worker’s contractual position.

The reaction of politicians and trade unions was imminent and immediately yesterday they pointed to yet another phenomenon of gangmastering which ended in tragedy and denounced the agricultural exploitation of immigrants and often in irregular conditions: «Hundreds of illegal laborers work in the companies in the area, often without a residence permit and without any legal protection», he communicated Giorgio Carra, secretary of the UIL Latina and Frosinone. «Shocking news of unprecedented severity, which extends the impressive trail of accidents at work, often fatal» has comment Silvia Spera, national Flai CGIL who spoke of a “war bulletin”, “a real emergency”.

«Furthermore, the young laborer from Latina worked illegally, was without documents, a fragile and blackmailable worker, even more exposed to the exploitation of unscrupulous entrepreneurs who sacrifice health and safety on the altar of profit, easy prey of gangmasters who use the state of necessity to force the workforce to work in complete illegality, real forms of slavery» added Spera.

The words of Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Marina Calderone of yesterday evening: “What took place in Latina is an act of barbarity and incivility […] We will intensify our actions to combat undeclared work, against the exploitation and trafficking of workers, and we will provide the police and the judiciary with all the specialized technical support of our Labor Inspectorate and the Carabinieri Unit for Labor Protection“.

The Lazio regional councilor of FI and president of the Lavoro alla Pisana commission spoke on the tragic death from the political world of Lazio Orlando Angelo Tripodi who stated: “I am saddened and will soon convene an ad hoc commission to stem the phenomenon of gangmastering. I hope for an exemplary punishment for those who, instead of helping this man, dumped him without mercy. Accident is a plague that we must fight together, without political and ideological distinctions, dignity must be the watchword“.

The PD regional councilor of Lazio, Eleonora Mattiasaid in a statement: “More deaths at work in Lazio: the latest, the Indian laborer from Latina, left to fend for himself after losing an arm and dying. My condolences and closeness go to him, his family and the entire local community“and announces that he has filed a question with the Rocca Council to find out what measures it intends to take in order to protect workers from extreme heat and thermal stress phenomena linked to climate change and the general rise in temperatures” given that “since last April the unions have also been asking the Government to intervene in time with structural interventions to prevent the now well-known increase in accidents at work due to the so-called ‘heat stroke’, especially for those who work in the agricultural, construction, logistics or on road construction sites or in confined environments” and criticized Rocca Council to be “property on accident prevention and hot: the two public notices on injuries announced by May were never released“.

Also speaking from the PD was the regional councilor of the Democratic Party Marta Bonafonipresident of the XIII Commission: “My condolences and my closeness to the family and workmates of this umpteenth victim of exploitation and gangmastering. Really, never again.

Now more than ever, faced with the news of his death, which deeply saddens me, I accept the request that came to me just this morning from the entire municipal council of promote, where the conditions exist, the constitution of the Municipality of Latina as a civil party in the future trial.

This is what was declared by mayor of Latina Matilde Celentano following the death of the laborer who was the victim of an accident at work and was abandoned in front of his home without being helped. ”The episode that occurred in our city constitutes a violation of fundamental human rights and human dignity and regulations relating to worker safety. In expressing condolences to the family of the deceased laborer, also on behalf of the entire municipal administration, it will be my commitment to ensure that the Municipality becomes an advocate together with all the other institutions, bodies and bodies involved in the fight against gangmastering, which has now become a shameful plague”.

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