The Avenida Italia project flies to Turin Fashion Week

On the occasion of the ninth edition of Turin Fashion Week, the Havana headquarters of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS)with Unioncamere Piedmontto the Provincial Government of Havana et al Municipal Government of Centro Havana, supports the talent, art and creativity of young people, as an engine of sustainable socio-economic development in view of achievement of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

According to Chiara Vighi, expert in the Culture and Local Development Sector of AICS Havana: “The young Cuban creatives who participated in the artistic workshops organized within our Avenida Italia project, shared their experiences, collaborated actively and discovered their creativity, understanding the importance of working together towards a common goal. The training course included various disciplines such as poetry, graphic design and circular fashion. During the last workshop, the focus on fashion sustainability it helped them become more aware of environmental issues and their role in contributing positively to society. Finally, the experience in Turin represents an opportunity for exchange, curiosity and innovation.”

This year, the appointment with the Piedmontese capital is enriched with new presences. In fact, in addition to Cuban brands Innatus And You have to who marched in the previous edition, three new designers, winners of the Circular Fashion competition organized by AICS Havana in the month of Marchthey will propose the new trends in Cuban fashionwith the fusion of different styles and energies.

“For me, the accompaniment offered by theItalian Agency for Development Cooperation as part of the Avenida Italia project here at Cuba because it gives young emerging brands the opportunity to continue doing 100% Cuban work and helps us position Cuban fashion internationally. It is an excellent opportunity to represent our culture and our creativity outside the island, it is the opportunity to develop our potential, thanks to the training support from AICS“, declared one of the selected stylists, Ordanis Hernández García.

An important experience within an international cultural event that makes room for the themes of development cooperation, which talks about sustainable fashion and acts as a spokesperson for different cultures, values ​​and traditions. A virtuous example of how Italian cooperation in Cubathanks to the promotion of creativity and innovation, in harmony with the local development policies of the countrymanages to open paths and paths towards new growth opportunities for talented young people.

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