Catania Airport, an information flyer for passengers and tourists La Nuova Sardegna

Catania Airport, an information flyer for passengers and tourists La Nuova Sardegna
Catania Airport, an information flyer for passengers and tourists La Nuova Sardegna

CATANIA (ITALPRESS) – The presentation of the information flyer on safety advice for tourists created by SAC and the Etna Police Headquarters, with the support of the Municipality of Catania, was held today at the Office Tower of the Fontanarossa Airport.
The initiative is part of the broader joint project between the State Police and , born from the desire to guarantee tourists a peaceful and safe stay, providing practical tools and valuable advice to best face their stay in the city. As the first place of arrival, the Airport plays a fundamental role in welcoming tourists and in spreading correct behavior to follow, and therefore in prevention.
The illustrative leaflet, which SAC will print and distribute in the Catania and Comiso airport network at information points, car rental shops and shops, will be distributed in its digital version on all the information channels of the two airports: website, social media and digital totems.
Furthermore, in the coming weeks hotelier associations, travel agencies, ticket offices, tourism bodies and other stakeholders will be involved, so that the information can widely reach as many tourists as possible.
“We thank SAC for this initiative that we have undertaken, in synergy with the municipal administration to respond to the needs of the many travelers at our airport, a fundamental asset for the territory and the neighboring provinces. It is a business card for the entire province and for eastern Sicily, in which the border police actively operate, offering a fundamental contribution by preserving and operating for the safety of the many travellers. This is the path that must be followed in collaboration with other institutions, to ensure effective security in Catania”, commented Giuseppe Bellassai, Police Commissioner of Catania.
“For us it is always a source of real pleasure to collaborate with the Police. At SAC we work best with Polaria, who we thank for the service she carries out with the utmost dedication. I want to recall the role of the police forces also in the city, where the perception of safety has increased significantly. Today’s initiative aims to give useful suggestions and advice to passengers, so that they can spend their holiday days in peace. We will carry it forward with tourism and trade associations to reach the greatest number of visitors possible”, declared Nico Torrisi, CEO of SAC.
“I bring greetings from the mayor and the entire council. The perception of safety in the city has changed, also thanks to the pedestrianization policies of the city center which aim to return spaces to citizens and tourists that have not been exploited for too long. We are also trying to reverse the trend on the traffic police front: 46 have already been hired and another 80 will arrive shortly to which a further 100 will be added with state funds. It is important to work as a team to ensure greater safety and for this I thank the police forces and SAC for this initiative”, said Sergio Parisi, Councilor for Community Policies, Public Works and Sports of the city of Catania.
“It is essential to be able to prevent crimes also by carrying out correct communication. We all care not only about the citizens of Catania, but also about the tourists who fortunately have been arriving in our city in ever-increasing numbers for years. It is crucial to disseminate important behavioral rules to follow when traveling in each country, in order to be able to prevent forms of illegality that can affect tourists and travellers. Anticipating these suggestions by creating a welcome network around the traveler and tourist allows them to enjoy all the beauty that the city has to offer. This is precisely the objective of today’s initiative”, commented Antonino Ciavola, Deputy Police Commissioner of Catania.
“The initiative is a clear and significant testimony to the collaboration between institutions, thanks to which it is possible to carry out initiatives in favor of the community, tourists and citizens. I thank the Police for the work they do here at the airport and for this initiative which will be useful to travellers. This is an invitation to reflect on small things that can avoid major inconveniences. Sicily, a land of hospitality, must be increasingly perceived as an inclusive region and attentive to everyone’s needs”, declared Giovanna Candura, President of SAC.
“I am particularly keen to place this initiative within a safety context that aims to raise the perception of care and attention to detail. The tourist represents an element of wealth, a resource to be protected, and it is important that the airport generates more and more attention towards the visitor in order to create a fertile territory ready to attract well-being. I therefore thank Deputy Commissioner Ciavola for the great interest and all the governance that started this awareness-raising operation. We take on the responsibility of conveying this illustrative flyer in the best possible way so that it can reach all those who land at our airports”, concluded Marco Romano, Vice President of SAC.
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