The Bcc Iccrea Group: here are the projects for Abruzzo – Abruzzo

The Bcc Iccrea Group: here are the projects for Abruzzo – Abruzzo
The Bcc Iccrea Group: here are the projects for Abruzzo – Abruzzo

PESCARA. The Board of Directors of Iccrea Banca examined and approved the draft financial statements and the consolidated financial statements of the Group as at 31 December 2023 on 28 March, confirming the preliminary results already analyzed and approved on 13 February 2024. The Board of Directors of Iccrea Banca also approved the 2024-2026 Business Plan of the BCC Iccrea Group. The extension of the Plan’s horizon to 2026 is derived from the need to update the Group’s targets in consideration of both the achievement/exceeding (two years early) of the main 2025 objectives at the end of 2023 and the presence of a scenario (in particular on the level of interest rates) substantially different from the forecasts made in the previous Plan.
The 2024-2026 Plan maintains the Group’s development and growth guidelines envisaged in the previous Plan, confirming its evolution towards an even more robust financial situation, a quality of assets aligned with the “best practice” of the Italian market, sustainable profitability also by diversifying the sources of revenue and a significant liquidity position, maintaining a strong local and mutualistic imprint, respecting the values ​​that inspire cooperative credit. In particular, the plan gives continuity to the important technological and digital investments launched in the previous two years, aimed at making the model increasingly efficient and modern, evolving the offer of product companies and strengthening support for communities, to allow the Group banks to continue to be protagonists of the sustainable development of the territories.
The three-year national plan contemplates some transversal objectives: the completion of the Group’s derisking process, the increase in net margins, the maintenance of a solid capital profile, the continuous commitment on the ESG front by the Group’s mutual banks and a strengthening of the digital to improve relationships with customers, reduce management costs and increase sales.
The BCC Iccrea Group includes 8 mutual banks operating in Abruzzo, with 74 branches (and a market share of 18.2%). By 2026, through the action of the 8 mutual banks, the Group expects to achieve in Abruzzo: – net loans to customers amounting to 2.37 billion in Abruzzo (+6.5% over the three-year period, with a current market share of 10% .7%); – direct collection of 3.14 billion in Abruzzo, (+2.2%); – indirect collection of 904 million in Abruzzo (+12.7%). As of 31 December 2023, the 8 mutual banks of the BCC Iccrea Group had achieved in Abruzzo: – loans to customers amounting to 2.23 billion euros; – direct collections of 3.07 billion euros; – indirect collection of 802 million euros. The 6 BCCs of the BCC Iccrea Group with headquarters in Abruzzo are: BCC of Castiglione Messer Raimondo and Pianella, BCC Adriatico Teramano, BCC of Basciano, BCC Pratola Peligna, BCC Abruzzese Cappelle sul Tavo, BCC of Valle del Trigno. To these are added BCC Roma and Banca del Piceno. In Abruzzo there are 119 banked municipalities: the Group’s mutual banks are present in 55 municipalities and in 12 of these (21.8%) they represent the only banking presence. “The 2024-2026 three-year plan strengthens the commitment of our Banks towards the Abruzzo communities and confirms their peculiarities represented by the closeness of relationships, support for the territories and responsiveness to the needs and requirements of their members and customers.

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