Unique city, debate in Cosenza with the mayors on 19 June

For the first time in favor and against the discussion on the single city of Cosenza with the mayors as protagonists. It is the debate organized by Nazione Futura which will be held on Wednesday 19 June at 5.30 pm in the conference room of the SS Crocefisso in Piazza Riforma in Cosenza.

He will moderate and introduce, Vincenzo Campanella, territorial coordinator of Nazione Futura. The mayors of Cosenza and Castrolibero will speak, Franz Caruso and Orlandino Grecothe former mayor of Rende, Sandro Principe. In addition to them, Simona Loizzo, deputy of the League, Franco Iacuccivice president of the regional council for the PD, Pasquale Ferrarogeneral director of Nazione Futura, Francesco Carusocity councilor of Cosenza and candidate for mayor for the center-right in the 2021 municipal elections Luciana De FrancescoPresident of the regional council commission that dealt with the bill.

“We want all positions to be expressed – said Vincenzo Campanella – because democracy is an open and free debate. For the first time on this issue – added Campanella – mayors and political exponents of the coalitions will discuss in favor and against, giving voice to each different position and hoping that this debate will also contribute to reaching a legislative and institutional synthesis”.

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