Fidenza Ferrara Basketball Serie B interregional playoff La Nuova Ferrara

Fidenza (Pr) It’s over under the blows of Valdo, Markovic, Bellini and Galli Ferrara Basket’s season went one step away from winning the final against Bergamo. Ballabio, with just under two minutes to go, had brought the biancazzurri from -6 to -1, but in the final free throws from Valdo and Restelli gave the home team the victory, 87-83, and the final. It’s a shame, really, because the conditions for reaching the final were there. Too bad, for the many, too many, offensive rebounds allowed to the hosts in the final.

The news Fulgor started the match, Markovic and Valdo did well to interpret the first 5 minutes of the match in the right way: 12-6. On the other side of the pitch, the blue and whites take a while to get going from an offensive point of view, but then, with Kuvekalovic and Cecchetti, they are really good at finding the baskets which bring them back to -1 at the first break: 18-17. It’s the best Wargood at finding thick baskets, to bring Ferrara ahead in the score at the start of the second half, all before Marchini’s four-point action, who did well to seal the 19-26 in the 11th minute. Fulgor’s attack is held to just one point, while on the other side of the field Ferrara Basket, encouraged by their followers, scores nine points at the start of the second set. Markovic, Galli and Bellini aren’t up for it and in the 13th minute the hosts are back at -1: 25-26. The blue and white remain focused, they have Guerra in great shape from an offensive point of view. At 17′ Ferrara is ahead, Guerra is there (34-42 at 18′) and the end of the half is all about the blue and white brand.

After the long interval comes Ballabio’s third foul, Valdo begins to take center stage, but Marchini is no different: in the 23rd minute, also and above all thanks to 10 points from Marchini, Ferrara is ahead 45-51. The match is full of rifts, on both sides. From 50-57 signed Cecchetti, Ferrara suffers the counterbreak of 17-4 which allows the home team to end the third quarter ahead 67-61. Bellini, Galli and Markovic do terrible damage to the blue and white defence, but in the last set Ballabio will take charge, bringing his score back to 69-68. The final is not for the faint of heart, Porfilio scores at 71, then Bellini doesn’t make a mistake from outside: in the 37th minute it’s 74-71, which becomes 78-74 in the 38th minute thanks to Galli. Some wrong free ones too many and, above all, the too many offensive rebounds granted to the home team are very bad for the defense of the white and blues. In the 39th minute, Bellini scores a triple to make it 81-77, then Markovic’s free throws seem to close the match, which Ballabio reopens at 83-80. Valdo doesn’t miss the free throws at 86-80, Cecchetti scores the new -3 from outside, but the free throw87-83 di Restelli closes the accounts in favor of Fulgor.

Sin Having to complain about something, it is clear that being one step away from success in game 1 is the thing that hurt the biancazzurri the most, as they left the Pala Patrizzoli under the applause of their people, who followed them outside like never before. your favorites home. “Thank you guys”, the final chorus. Too bad, really too bad.

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