what’s wrong with Krause’s pink experience

For a Parma that has finally managed to return to Serie A after a purgatory that lasted three seasons, there is another that continues to struggle and has missed the seasonal goal for the second time in a row. It’s about the Parma women, who despite a good run-up in the second half of the championship, had to settle for third place, which was not enough to even access the promotion-relegation play-off (which instead saw Napoli and Ternana facing each other, with Lazio promoted directly to Serie A ). But what hasn’t worked so far?

The acquisition from Empoli and the leap to Serie A
The adventure of the Krause family in the women’s field had begun positively: after the 2020/21 season practically canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in the following season the crusades led by Ilenia Nicoli managed to achieve promotion to Serie C. President Krause’s desire to immediately compete at the highest levels, however, pushed the American owners to proceed with the purchase of Empoli Ladies in the summer of 2022, also confirming part of the squad (from the old Parma only the young Ravanetti and Remondini remained in the squad , with Mr. Nicoli moving on to coach the Primavera). Despite the important investments for the category, however, the Parma women’s team was relegated in its first Serie A season, going from a subpar salvation pool which nullified the good end to the regular season.

What hasn’t worked in the last two years
From the beginning, Krause tried to give dignity to the women’s section, effectively making it equal to the men’s section. It is no coincidence that in the club’s official communications, we practically always tend to specify “Men’s First Team” and “Women’s First Team”, in the name of that very American attention to inclusiveness. In its first season – starting from the acquisition of Empoli – Parma women even played their home matches at the Tardini stadium, with the club allowing Parma men’s season ticket holders to also access the Crusader girls’ matches for free. This initiative, however, did not receive the desired response. With the descent of the Crusades into Serie B, the Parma women’s team then went to play in the province, in Noceto, where the club also made a “hub” available, so that the women’s training sessions did not overlap with those of the selections youth.

Similarities with the men’s Parma
There are many similarities between the Parma women’s section and the men’s section. In fact, the owners immediately tried to invest, focusing on players of a certain international fame. Perhaps, however, everything happened extremely quickly, with the team that was affected by the many changes and was unable to maintain the category – despite further investments in the January market, just as happened to the men’s Parma in 2021. Even the first year in Serie B, moreover, demonstrated some similarities with its male colleagues: other investments arrived, some of which later proved to be less fruitful than expected (for example the top scorer of the previous Serie B season, Anastasia Spyridonidou, Parma did not reconfirm and returned to Greece after a few months).

How the women’s Parma will restart
On the bright side, Krause is not discouraged by these initial negative results of his project. The Crusades will try again next season, most likely starting again from the coach Salvatore Colantuono and the young sporting director Domenico Aurelio. Colantuono, born in Naples in 1977, will try to be the “Pecchia” of the situation (another analogy with the masculine): after a first year of transition and adjustment, the continuity of the technical direction could allow the team to express itself better next season, in continuity and taking the positive aspects of the former Cittadella coach’s first year at Parma. Probably, however, there will be no shortage of new investments from the owners who have shown that they believe in women’s football, with Krause and family hoping to finally reap the first fruits starting next season.

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