New closure and new problems for the Manara swimming pool in Busto

New closure and new problems for the Manara swimming pool in Busto
New closure and new problems for the Manara swimming pool in Busto

The Manara swimming pool in Busto Arsizio will close the “baby” pool and implement various urgent interventions after an inspection which revealed many critical issues. The Municipality has decided to terminate the contract with Forus early and is looking for a new manager

BUSTO ARSIZIO – There Manara swimming pool of Busto Arsizio continues to experience turbulent days. The last episode of the complex story is marked by the mayor’s order Emanuele Antonelli, which ordered the closure of the 12 meter “baby” pool and the implementation of a series of urgent interventions to resolve other critical issues of the system. This decision follows an inspection carried out by the NAS and the technicians of ATS Insubria last May 14, which revealed numerous problems.

An inspection reveals numerous critical issues

The inspection highlighted several critical issues, especially in the small 12 meter pool, which «has evident water leaks in the system part», as reported in the ordinance. Furthermore, the compensation tank showed «presence of sand on the bottomsuspensions of peelings from plaster and impurities of various kinds», making the closure of the tank inevitable until it becomes usable again.

Other problematic situations that emerged from the inspection include dirty filters, presence of dust and soot, widespread lack of hygiene, defibrillator pads that have expired since April 30th and the non-functioning entrance to the 25 meter pool. The ordinance also established the closure of all environments without natural ventilation served by system number 2.

A problem that has persisted for years

The difficulties of the Manara swimming pool are nothing new. For months, if not years, reports of faults, malfunctions and inefficiencies have been accumulating. Precisely for this reason, the Municipality of Busto Arsizio – owner of the structure – decided to end earlytwo years in advance, the contract with the manager current, Forum. The Spanish company had in turn taken over the management from Sport Management, which had left an already problematic situation.

Forus will remain at the helm of the facility named after Marco Sartori until May 31st. From this date, it will be necessary to identify a new manager, but the search is proving complex. The procedure negotiated with the four operators who had responded to the expression of interest was unsuccessful, without receiving financial offers by the deadline of 30 April.

The future of the plant

The future of the Manara pool remains uncertain. The closure of the “baby” tank and the need for urgent interventions underline the urgency of finding a sustainable solution to guarantee the functioning of the system. With the imminent expiration of the management of Forus, the municipal administration must face the challenge of finding a new manager capable of resolving the critical issues and bringing the Manara swimming pool back to full operation.

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