Napoli-Lecce, Calzona avoids the negative record: the data

Napoli-Lecce, Calzona avoids the negative record: the data
Napoli-Lecce, Calzona avoids the negative record: the data

Napoli-Lecce, Calzona manages to avoid the negative record. It happened for the first time in his entire management: the representative data

The season of Naples it ended with a goalless draw at home against Lecce. The Azzurri did not find a way to score in a climate of pure protest. The (few) fans present at the stadium chanted chants against the team and against De Laurentiis throughout the match. So much so that the team didn’t go through the curve as they usually do. So, a day of bitter goodbyes for Mister Calzonaand all the other members of the squad who will leave Napoli in the summer.

At the end of the match, the Neapolitan coach thanked and greeted Napoli, stating: “I already knew since February that I would return to the Slovak national team regardless of the results. I don’t regret anything about this adventure, I would choose Naples again many times“. A clear sign of professionalism, an aspect that distinguished him during his brief stint with the Azzurri. Meanwhile, on the last day, a small sop: he avoided a heavy one negative record.

Napoli-Lecce, first clean sheet for Calzona: negative record avoided

It’s almost paradoxical to talk about something positive on a day like this, and at the end of a season like the one that just ended. However, it must be said that this evening the central defensive pair formed by Ostigard And Juan Jesus was able to stem the incursions of the Salento attack.

However, one fact is quite significant: against Lecce Napoli kept a clean sheet for the first time since when Calzone sits on the Azzurri bench. Since he also photographs the many difficulties of the defensive department during this troubled year.

Napoli-Lecce, Calzona avoids the negative record: the data (LaPresse) –

The last seasonal clean sheet dates back to Lazio-Naples, of 28 January, when Mazzarri was still on the bench. Only once in their history have Napoli done worse from this point of view: in the 199798 seasonwhen the Azzurri do not record clean sheets for 17 consecutive matches, one more than the 16 this year.

Calzona and Napoli are divided: the European Championship is being prepared from tomorrow

Calzona therefore avoids further humiliation. From tomorrow the streets of Calzone and the Naples they will split and he will be able to dedicate himself, as he himself stated in the press conference, to Slovakia. There is a European Championship to prepare for. The Azzurri, on the other hand, must promptly get to work to plan for next season. The Neapolitan square demands a return to the top of the championship. We’ll see if we should focus on a “pulse” coach like With you it may then prove to be a good choice.

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