Pompeii excited for the Pulpa Festival: It’s really cool!

The councilor for youth policies of the Municipality of Montesilvano, Alessandro Pompei, today takes stock of the 4th edition of the Pulpa Festivalheld last weekend: “Personally – he writes – it is a dream come true because this was precisely what I had in mind when, way back in 2016, we carried out the first real intervention of retraining urban”, imagining for Montesilvano an event “that would combine the visual arts with sport, the redevelopment of places, entertainment, training”, and which “could become a recognized and awaited event over the years. And that is precisely what happened from May 17th to 19th. A sea of ​​people filled the streets to see 6 famous Street Artists interpret the theme of interculture, the common thread of this 4th edition shared with ‘Divercities’a citizenship education project carried out by the Formula e Movimentazioni Association with the municipality of Montesilvano as leader which had its culmination during the festival”.

Pompeii also praises the presence of “two super artists like Johnny Marseille And Davide Shorty”as well as “moments of immersive 3D culture, talks, meetings, readings, debates, flash mobs, activities for children, craft market, food and much more have made this Festival a colorful moment of meeting, discussion and transversal growth, a moment of leisure and aggregation which involved children, adults and the elderly, men and women, white, black, yellow, good, bad, tall, short, beautiful and ugly, in short, anyone, in a transversal manner, without distinction”.

Then the councilor thanks mayor De Martinis “for giving me carte blanche and unconditional trust from the first moment”, but also “all of you who participated, all the sponsors, the artists who have been with us in these years but above all the my friend Enrico Peca, essential artistic director of Pulpa, and all his precious staff Space 010 – Coworking: with sincere passion, constant work, sacrifices, sacrifices, difficulties, obstacles despite the difficulty of such a complex project, but always with a smile, they managed from the beginning to give life to a very ambitious and complex vision, and they have done as a family, in a shared and engaging way, aiming higher and higher every year and, every year, with impeccable and irreproachable organizations”.

And he concludes: “The Pulpa is a really cool thing, guys, and these now over 30 murals by international artists have become a real open-air museum and finally represent an important point of interest in our city. I’m proud of it, you too should be proud of it because the Pulpa Festival it belongs to everyone.”

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