Nino Frassica announces the filming of “Don Matteo 14”: when they start – Tell me

Nino Frassica announces the filming of “Don Matteo 14”: when they start – Tell me
Nino Frassica announces the filming of “Don Matteo 14”: when they start – Tell me

One of the most loved fictions of all time, Don Matteo, will soon be back on air on Rai1 with its fourteenth season. Filming is about to start as announced by Nino Frassica in a fun foray during the episode de The Masked Singer aired last night. A curtain that saw the Hamster end up under interrogation by the iconic Maresciallo Cecchini, in the series played by Frassica: it is Nathalie Guetta, another historical figure in Don Matteoto hide behind that mask?

Nino Frassica as Marshal Cecchini in “The Masked Singer”

In recent years the Rai-branded fiction have undergone significant changes, with some resounding goodbyes that upset the casts. We recently witnessed the farewell of Elena Sofia Ricci a God help us, the series that has had its main protagonist in the actress over the years. But, over the last year, another icon of the small screen has also said goodbye forever to the fiction that has given him the most luck on TV: Terence Hill, the famous Don Matteo of the small screen now replaced by the figure of Don Massimo, played by Raoul Bova.

A passing of the baton that does not seem to have affected the success of the series. And the wait is coming soon fourteenth season of Don Matteo. The confirmation had arrived some time ago and, now, we have further certainty. This was revealed by Nino Frassicaprotagonist of an amusing foray to The Masked Singer. In the episode of the Rai1 show hosted by Milly Carlucci, which aired last night, the actor peeped out on stage as the iconic Maresciallo Cecchini, his character in fiction. Alongside him also Pietro Pulcini, or Brigadier Ghisoni.

Nino Frassica, the announcement on “Don Matteo 14”: “On Monday we start shooting”

A double surprise foray, therefore, on the stage of The Masked Singer. At that moment the jury was wondering about him true face of the Hamster: 4 out of 5 members believe that, behind that mask, hides Nathalie Guettaanother familiar face of Don Matteo. Nino Frassica thus placed this enigmatic mask “under interrogation”: “This investigation by the jurors has no legal value, while I belong to the forces of order. Now I’m going to interrogate the animal.”

Next, he posted a few funny questions to the Hamster, sparking laughter in the studio. Upon completion of the interrogation, the actor came to a conclusion and officially announced when will filming start? of the new season of fiction: “It’s not Nathalie. Inside the hamster is Raoul Bova. If you see Nathalie, tell her that Monday we start shooting Don Matthew 14“.

From tomorrow, therefore, filming will start, waiting to find this beloved fiction on TV. The protagonist will be Raoul Bova with his Don Massimo, which has taken on the heavy legacy left by Terence Hill. Inevitable, however, will be Nino Frassica: the figure of Marshal Cecchini is one of the most loved by the public and is a true icon of the series, present since 2000. In all likelihood, however, there will be the farewell of Maria Chiara Giannetta and Maurizio Lastrico, protagonists in the last years.

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