here’s how 100 dollars could soon become 25 thousand

Is called Jackson Greathouse Fall and is a creative director and designer of Beverly Hills. In a couple of days she was hooked almost 90,000 followers on Twitter thanks to an experiment starring Gpt-4, the new and latest version developed by Open Ai for ChatGpt. What appeared to be just a game turned out to be a good example of the potential of one of the most advanced Ai systems at the moment. The goal of great house he was about to get rich and asked the chat how he could do it with barely any capital 100 dollars, legally and as quickly as possible. The artificial intelligence that belongs to the company of San Francisco, to whose creation Elon Musk also contributed, he gave valid indications, as well as an immediate “viral” popularity. The algorithm seems increasingly trained, thanks to the knowledge of billions of texts, to provide reliable answers in natural language. Let’s see how ChatGpt helped great house to create a business starting from scratch and making the most of the small initial capital.

The «Act as» prompt trick

For the Californian designer it was crucial to exploit the formula «Act as»a type of instruction that is called in the jargon «prompts». In fact, this pushes the machine to identify itself and behave like a professional in the sector, acting as if it were protecting an interest in the first person. In this way, the AI ​​system immediately acts effectively, sensing the context in which it must operate. This allows you to get more useful and meaningful answers. This is the formula used by the designer: «You are HustleGPT, an AI entrepreneur. I am your human counterpart. I can be the liaison between you and the physical world. You have 100 dollars and your goal is to turn it into as much money as possible in the shortest time possible. No manual work.”

Machine strategy

If on the one hand great house had immediate social success (the tweet reporting the request to ChatGpt was almost seen 20 million times), on the other hand, the response from the OpenAi tool was immediately oriented towards the purchase of a website, priced at about $10, therefore a tenth of the available capital, with 5 dollars a month to maintain it. The remaining 85 dollars instead they must be invested, according to the machine, in the actual construction of the site. In order to make profits, ChatGpt he then recommended an affiliation site, where money can be raised on the basis of sales in general, effectively advertising services and products that are then sold on third-party sites. All this through a niche site, with low competition, therefore a series of products that are rare or in any case alternative to large-scale distribution. In this case, a sale of sustainable household items with no impact on the environment. Ai’s own chat then realized, based on a second request, a logo, followed by all the details and indications to create an attractive site. So go, give it social platforms hey links to be included in the first article to be written, all on the theme of sustainability and objects useful for pursuing it. What is left of the capital must be spent on promotion and sponsorship of the built page.

The result

But what were the results? The social popularity achieved by the designer for the same thread posted on Twitter and a value perspective of 25 thousand dollars, based on some estimates by the creator, who was dealing with the investments of people interested in purchasing part of the site which, however, does not yet exist. But if this is the outcome after just two days, in other contexts and with far more structured conditions, Gpt-4 how much help could it provide to those seeking to get rich with some enlightening ideas and methods? A potential still largely to be explored.

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