Putin prepares the escape plan? The Noah’s Ark operation revealed by the former collaborator

Putin prepares the escape plan? The Noah’s Ark operation revealed by the former collaborator
Putin prepares the escape plan? The Noah’s Ark operation revealed by the former collaborator

President Vladimir Putin and his faithful have ready a plan to leave the country if the results of the invasion ofUkraine on the part of Russia were to turn for the worse. The indiscretion filters from Moscow and the insider, writes the “Daily beast”, is Abbas Gallyamov, a former collaborator and drafter of the official speeches of the Russian head of state.

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Gallyamov revealed the plan yesterday morning via Telegram, quoting an anonymous source who assured he had information on the matter. The escape project, according to Gallyamov, was planned last spring and dubbed “Noah’s Ark.” «As the name suggests, it is about the exodus to a new land in case the situation at home becomes untenable. The leader’s entourage has not ruled out that the Kremlin will lose the war, that Putin will be deprived of power and will have to quickly take refuge elsewhere,” Gallyamov wrote. Putin’s inner circle first considered China, Gallyamov explained, but later reconsidered, fearing that the chances of Beijing’s “cooperation” in providing aid were slim, “especially since China despises losers ». Now, adds the former collaborator, attention has shifted to Argentina or Venezuela and the plan is supervised by Igor Sechin, Putin’s adviser and former secret agent. The “Noah’s Ark” operation is said to be at such an advanced stage that Sechin, CEO of Rosneft, the Russian state oil company, “has formally resigned” from the oil giant to take care of the “local work”. Citing two sources close to the presidential administration and a source in Rosneft, the Telegram channel Mozhem Obyasnit also reports that high-ranking officials have already started buying real estate and taking steps to obtain residency in Venezuela. Those who do not belong to the Kremlin’s elite, that is, those who hold secondary positions in the presidential administration and in the Russian government, aim instead for residence in Ecuador, Paraguay and Argentina. A source also reveals that Russian officials have seized property on the Venezuelan island of Margarita, where they expect to be safe from extradition risks. “Margarita Island is their Courchevel in Venezuela,” the source commented, comparing the future Kremlin retreat to the famous ski resort in the French Alps. For Gallyamov, the existence of an evacuation project is enough «to understand that when they say “everything is going according to plan”, it is worth asking which one. They seem to have more than one plan.”


The statements by Putin’s former adviser came just as the president minimized the morale of the troops on the ground, badly trained and tested by nine months of war. Numerous reports of recruits fleeing their bases have surfaced in recent weeks, after their complaints about shoddy equipment and supplies were ignored. The growing intolerance towards the “special military operation” also on the part of the population leads some experts not to rule out the possibility of a civil war. According to Putin, however, everything is fine. “There are no desertion problems. There have been isolated incidents, but overall there is no such thing. What if there are soldiers abandoning their positions? Yes, it happened. But it happens less and less,” Putin said on Wednesday during a meeting with members of the country’s human rights council. He also denied the associations’ reports that “camps” were set up where hundreds of Russian defectors were forcibly held in basements, arguing that such reports were “false”. Warning that the conflict will likely be a “long affair,” the president celebrated the occupation of new Ukrainian territories (not to mention that Ukraine has already reconquered some in the meantime) and gave an ominous view of the prospects of a nuclear war . “Such a threat is growing. Why deny it?” he said.


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