Amici 23, three former students will be on stage at Battiti Live! That’s who it is!

Amici 23, three former students will be on stage at Battiti Live! That’s who it is!
Amici 23, three former students will be on stage at Battiti Live! That’s who it is!

Battiti Live is one of the most anticipated musical events of the summer and it seems that we will also find three former students of Amici 23 on stage!

Live beats it is the musical event of the summer for the first time the new edition will not be broadcast on Italia 1, but on Channel 5 and will be led by Ilary Blasi and Alvin. For the new edition they will also take to the stage three former students of Amici di Maria De Filippithe talent show now in its twenty-third edition.

Battiti Live, three former students of Amici 23 also on stage at the event!

Friends 23 ended over a month ago, but the students of the program were not left idle: between in-store tours and on the most important stages for the singers and masterclasses and performances for the dancers, all the kids who participated in the edition of this year of talent are experiencing a period full of commitments and for three of them will soon also have the Battiti Live experience.

The recordings of the new edition of the Mediaset musical event are currently underway and between dancers who will take the stage at the event will also be there three former dancers of Amici 23. We are talking about Giovanni Tesse, Sofia Cagnetti and Lucia Ferrari. The three dancers are some of the most beloved students of Friends 23: John he won over the audience with his friendliness and humor, as well as enchanting with some Latin performances that even teacher Celentano appreciated.

Sofia and Lucia have become very close friends in the program and it seems that, thanks to the experience of Live beats, they will fulfill their dream of dancing together on a stage. In addition to them, there will also be other dancers from previous editions dancing on stage, such as Tommaso Stanzani and Martina Miliddi.

Battiti Live, everything you need to know about the most anticipated musical event of the summer!

While the past years Live beats was aired on Italy1this edition will be broadcast on Channel 5 and will see the return of Ilary Blasi And Alvin to management. The two former faces of L’Isola dei Famosi, in fact, have been away for this television season and fans are very happy to see them together again to host the singing event.

According to the latest rumours, launched by FQ Magazineit seems that alongside the duo there will also be a another face already known to Mediaset. This is Rebecca Staffelli, daughter of the Striscia la Notizia correspondent, and social commentator of the latest edition of GF.

The presence of Alvin and Ilary Blasi was confirmed by the person concerned, who published a video in which he dances with the former presenter of L’Isola and which bears the caption “Coming Soon”.

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