Gf, Anita Olivieri’s birthday: Alessio Falsone’s surprise arrives


The fans at the GF were able to wish Anita Olivieri a happy birthday: Alessio Falsone’s surprise also arrived.

The love story between Alessio Falsone and Anita Olivieri continues to fascinate everyone. The two met inside the Big Brother house and their relationship continues to excite reality show lovers even at the end of the program. On social media the two gieffini seem more in love than ever. There is never a shortage of romantic stories every day as well as honey posts, with the two also able to entertain their audience with some nice skits.

Alessio surprises his Anita for her birthday – Credits: Mediaset Infinity –

The Roman girl recently also subjected her better half to a beauty treatment. In short, in a short time the two managed to become one of the most appreciated couples by supporters of the reality show, overturning expectations towards them. In fact, for many, the two, once they left the house, were destined to explode. However, the reality is very different. Indeed the story between the two continues wellwith Alessio having the opportunity to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday.

GF, Alessio Falsone surprises Anita Olivieri: the birthday present

Among the “nip” contestants who surprised the most during the latest edition of Big Brother we certainly find Anita Olivieri. The girl celebrates 27 years on this May 25th. During the reality show she had the opportunity to talk several times about important issues such as the importance of the family for her education and above all the role of the mother and grandmother. In fact, her mother instilled in her that her sacrifices can lead to important results. Now the girl got to celebrate this day with your sweetheart.

Alessio Falsone takes Anita Olivieri on a jet ski for her birthday – Credits: Instagram @alessiofalsone5 –

Obviously the two could only be together during this special day for the girl. For her 27th birthday, Falsone decided to give a gift to his partner days of pure relaxation in Ibiza. The two are posting several stories from the coveted Spanish island, with the couple appearing very happy aboard a jet ski. Obviously the enthusiastic comments from the fans who had the opportunity to praise the two and ask various curiosities about their Iberian stay could not be missing.

Despite the catastrophic predictions of viewers, it certainly seems that the love between the two continues to go swimmingly. The holiday in Ibiza is only the latest demonstration of affection from Alessio, who wastes no time on social media to post stories in the company of his beloved.

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