SPOILERS previews of the episode of Sunday 28 April!

SPOILERS previews of the episode of Sunday 28 April!
SPOILERS previews of the episode of Sunday 28 April!

Here are the previews of the new episode of Bitter Earth broadcast on Sunday 28 April at 2.50pm, as usual, on Canale 5. What will happen in the most popular Turkish soap on Italian TV? Everything we know from the Mediaset Infinity rumors.

Terra Amara Previews – Sunday 28 April

Hamran, a young Lebanese mafia boss, intends to take out Hakan to avenge his father’s death, but Abdulkadir will intervene just in time to save his friend: he will wound Hamran with a gunshot, forcing him to flee. Hakan, however, will fear repercussions on his family due to the clash with Hamran. Thus, Hakan will convince Zuleyha to go on holiday: the honeymoon complete with children in tow will put distance between him and Hamran.

Meanwhile, Sermin and Betul they are still in Vahap’s house, but Abdulkadir will discover them in his brother’s house and will force the two women to pack their bags who will find themselves, again, without a roof over their heads. Zuleyha, Hakan and the children are on holiday, but Zuleyha she will become suspicious due to Hakan’s unusual behavior and will therefore decide to follow him: the woman will discover that Hakan is still in contact with Abdulkadir and, disappointed by his lies, will decide to leave the hotel. In reality Abdulkadir and Hakan are trying to track down Hamran who, however, has remained untraceable. Once back at the hotel, Hakan will discover that Zuleyha has left.

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