He pays $10,000 to meet a girl from OnlyFans and she gives him (only) a hug

The model is called Mattie Doll. She herself told the story on Facebook. It seems that the money was used by the girl to go on holiday with her boyfriend.

Strong disappointment for a guy who paid well 10,000 dollars to meet a model he followed on Only Fans. But she received just a hug from her. Expectations were probably different. To tell what happened was the same protagonist of the story who now seems to be using that money to travel the world with her boyfriend.

“Get ready baby, we’re going to travel the world one vacation at a time.” This is the caption chosen by Mattie Doll (this is the model’s name) to share her choice of how she will use the money she got after meeting her Onlyfans fan. She also added two photos. To the left of her that of her with the boyfriend she met, while to the right of her an image of her that portrays her on vacation with her partner.

“I thought it was a transformation story where the boy had won the girl somehow, then I read the whole caption. What a world.” Wrote a user who says he noticed a certain similarity between the people in the two photos.

In many, come on Reddit, they wondered who the girl was. Since the account that shared the post appears to be Facebook. The young woman would appear to be such Mattie Doll (at least this is the name of the profile on the blue social network, even if the girl is also active on Instagram and TikTok). And among the photos she shared, there are also some of her in which she is portrayed in intimate attitudes with her boyfriend.

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