Ikea celebrates 25 years in Piacenza, visit of the Council and Confindustria

Ikea celebrates 25 years in Piacenza, visit of the Council and Confindustria
Ikea celebrates 25 years in Piacenza, visit of the Council and Confindustria

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the birth of the Ikea Distribution Center (DC) in Piacenza, the Mayor of Piacenza Katia Tarasconi he visited with the members of the council – together with the representatives of the Ikea DC and the President of Confindustria Piacenza Francesco Rolleri – the factory within the area of ​​the Le Mose logistics hub, to witness its operation and meet some of the over 1,300 people employed.

The visit is part of the series of joint meetings held by Palazzo Mercanti and Confindustria, to get to know some of the excellent realities of the Piacenza area up close.

The Ikea distribution center was inaugurated 10 years after the opening of the first store of the Swedish multinational in Italy, 35 years ago in 1989. Born as a center for sorting goods directly to the stores, over the years it also took on a role for distribution to customers, who from 2020 can also collect their products directly from the warehouse. To date, it is the second goods sorting point in Europe for Ikea and covers the supply of a large part of Italy and a dozen other countries.

“I thank the mayor Tarasconi, her council and Confindustria Piacenza for being with us at the Ikea Distribution Center in Piacenza on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its birth”, the comment of Raffaele Ostuni, CEO of Ikea Italia Distribution. “The visit represented for us the opportunity to underline the deep bond that IKEA has established with the territory in recent years. It is not only the second goods sorting point in Europe but a technologically advanced reality in which we have made numerous investments – 30 million euros in the last two years – to improve the efficiency of development processes from an increasingly sustainable, innovative perspective and to make ourselves increasingly accessible by meeting the needs of our customers.”

“We are proud to have brought the municipal council within some of the numerous excellent realities present in Piacenza”, explains president FFrancesco Rolleri. “The common thread was the companies owned outside of Piacenza who decided to bet on our territory with important resources and a notable employment contribution. As in the case of the Ikea centre, active for 25 years, a virtuous example of how our province has values ​​and a strategic position even for giants with an international, or rather global, scope”.

“Today – underlines the mayor Katia Tarasconi – we had the opportunity, thanks to Confindustria and Ikea, to visit a company center of international dimension, which has been strongly rooted in the territory for many years, dedicated to innovation and environmental sustainability. A reality which represents an employment pool of fundamental importance for Piacenza and which it was very interesting to be able to observe and learn more about”.

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