Navigator Gas is on track with strong Q1 results, plans expansion From

Navigator Gas is on track with strong Q1 results, plans expansion From
Navigator Gas is on track with strong Q1 results, plans expansion From

Navigator Gas announced strong financial results for the first quarter of 2024, with operating revenues in line with the same period last year. The company’s adjusted EBITDA reached a record $74 million, while adjusted net income reached $23 million. Navigator Gas, known for its shipping services, highlighted its strong cash position and ongoing investments in ethylene terminal expansion. Additionally, the company’s board of directors approved an investment in a clean ammonia export project on the U.S. Gulf Coast, anticipating completion of the terminal in the fourth quarter of 2024.


  • Navigator Gas’ operating revenues in 1Q 2024 were in line with 1Q 2023.
  • The company achieved record adjusted EBITDA of $74 million and adjusted net income of $23 million.
  • New investment has been approved for a clean ammonia export project in the U.S. Gulf Coast area.
  • Navigator Gas expects to maintain high utilization rates and renew expiring charters at higher rates.
  • The ethylene terminal expansion is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Company prospects

  • Navigator Gas plans to continue investing capital in its ethylene terminal expansion and new clean ammonia project.
  • The company expects to keep vessel utilization near or above 90%.
  • Navigator Gas is looking to renew time rentals at higher rates when they expire.

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Bearish highlights

  • The company has noted a decline in earnings from LPG transportation, which has historically been a significant factor.
  • Spot rates have fallen recently, although the company’s contract rates remain higher due to market liquidity.

Bullish strengths

  • Demand for ammonia and petrochemical products is growing and offsets the decline in LPG revenues.
  • North America is becoming increasingly vital for Navigator, with 60% of trips originating there.
  • U.S. natural gas liquids production and exports remain key indicators of the health of the freight market.
  • Ethylene exports from the United States are growing and could make up half of global seaborne supply.


  • The company did not provide specific guidance for future earnings, but expressed optimism based on positive market numbers for its ships.

Highlights from the questions and answers

  • Executives discussed new offtake agreements with expected returns similar to those of current contracts.
  • Plans to secure new financing for the terminal later in the year were mentioned.
  • The possibility of further share repurchases was discussed, with existing authorization for further repurchases.

Navigator Gas (NVGS) plans to strengthen its financial position by fully repaying its current terminal facility by the end of the year, transforming it into a low-leverage business. The company has committed to distributing 25% of net income through buybacks and dividends and has already repurchased $50 million of shares, with authorization for another $20 million. Looking ahead, Navigator Gas will ring the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange on June 20 to celebrate more than a decade of trading on the platform. With a focus on strategic investments and operational efficiency, Navigator Gas is on a path of continued growth in the dynamic shipping and energy markets.

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Insights from InvestingPro

Navigator Gas (NVGS) has recently posted strong financial performance, and a deeper analysis of InvestingPro’s real-time data reveals additional insights that could be valuable to investors. The company’s market capitalization is around $1.19 billion, which indicates a solid presence in the market. An adjusted P/E ratio of 15.16 suggests the stock may be trading at a reasonable price relative to its earnings, especially when considering near-term earnings growth. This is in line with one of InvestingPro’s tips, which highlights that NVGS trades at a low P/E ratio relative to near-term earnings growth, potentially presenting an attractive opportunity for value investors.

The company’s revenue growth over the trailing twelve months, as of Q4 2023, was 16.24%, demonstrating its ability to expand its financial top line. This growth is supported by a robust gross profit margin of 54.42%, indicating efficient management and a strong market position. Furthermore, with a PEG ratio of 0.24, NVGS could be considered undervalued given its earnings growth prospects, another aspect highlighted by an InvestingPro tip.

Investors interested in stability will note that NVGS generally trades with low price volatility, according to InvestingPro tips. This could be a sign of a mature company with a predictable business model, which could be of interest to conservative investors. Additionally, the stock is trading near 52-week highs, and analysts expect the company to be profitable this year, which could indicate confidence in ongoing and future operations.

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