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Operational summit against forest fires in the prefecture in Lecco

Lecco (Lècch) – Strengthen the monitoring and observation of the territory as much as possible: this is how the prefecture of Lecco prepares to face the threat of forest fires. The government document has been analyzed which provides for the activation of the state air fleet in the event of a fire with danger to people.

A meeting was held in the prefecture aimed at preventing and combating, with the involvement of the various institutional and voluntary components competent authorities, the phenomenon of forest fires.

During the meeting, which was attended by representatives of the authorities and bodies responsible for fighting forest fires, in particular the presidents of the Mountain Communities and Park Authorities, together with the heads of the police forces, and the representatives of the Fire Brigadeof the capital municipality, of the Province of Lecco and of the Anas compartment, the need has emerged to strengthen as much as possible the monitoring activity and observation of the territory.

The aim is to implement all measures and interventions preventive naturein line with the increase in attention threshold recommended in the guidelines of the Lombardy Region.

The phenomenon was analyzed both from the perspective of the contrast of malicious or negligent conduct by the Forestry Specialty of the Carabinieri first and foremost, and from the point of view of preventing risks to people’s safety.

A series of initiatives have been agreed, including the opportunity for the bodies that own the roads, Anas and the Province, as well as RFI and Trenord, to adopt, in their respective fields, all necessary and preventive cleaning measure, vegetation maintenance and risk reduction, in the vicinity or on the edges of the land and ensure timely information to users on traffic and mobility problems connected to any forest fires affecting areas adjacent to the road axes. In any case, it is recommended timely information to the emergency and public rescue operations centers.

Furthermore, we proceeded with the analysis of the circular of the presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of Civil Protection – which provides, for cases of fire capable of causing damage to the safety of people and the environment, the possible involvement of the state air fleet according to a bottom-up communication mechanism.

Practice that establishes the reporting of the regional operations room to the Unified Air Operations Center, also composed of representatives of the Fire Brigade, located at the Department, as is typical of the integrated multilevel system of civil protection.

June 23, 2024

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