father of two children, great passion for music

PADUA – On the asphalt of Corso Argentina, towards Padova Est, immediately after the Corso Uniti junction, the bloodstains and signs of the crash which shortly after midnight yesterday claimed the life of Pierpaolo Salmaso, father, are still evident 43 years old, resident in Ponte San Nicolò.

Accident on the ring road, what happened

The 43 year old, experienced motorcyclist and a lover of music, was traveling along the ring road towards Venice when he crashed into a car, an Audi, which was preceding him in the exact same direction. The same driver of the Audi gave the alarm to 118, followed by other passers-by who witnessed the scene. When the Suem doctors arrived on site, however, there was nothing left that could be done for the motorcyclist. The local police patrols of Padua were also on site and took the first findings to reconstruct the dynamics, which are still uncertain. Speed ​​is under attack. But it will be unclear why the motorbike was unable to avoid the impact with the Audi, since the two vehicles were on the same road and at that time the traffic is not heavy: it is unlikely that there was a sudden queue, any risky maneuver by one of the vehicles is easier. The local police’s findings examined approximately ten meters on both sides of the road.

The accident takes place on Corso Argentina which, in the Municipality’s statistics covering the last ten years, is the second street in terms of number of accidents (156) after the 290 on Corso Australia.

Pierpaolo Salmaso, father and motorcycle enthusiast

The news of Pierpaolo Salmaso’s death arrived in the early hours of yesterday morning in Ponte San Nicolò. «Commenting on the death of a fellow citizen is always painful, in this specific case we are talking about a 43 year old dad and the thing is even more devastating – said the mayor Gabriele De Boni – on behalf of the entire administration I can only convey my heartfelt condolences to Pierpaolo’s family. As a Municipality we will be available for any procedure.” Pierpaolo Salmaso, who has always had a passion for cars and motorbikes and a job as a mechanic, had recently returned to live with his parents in Via Dante after the end of his romantic relationship. However, he had maintained cordial relations with his ex-partner and was the father of two children.

Everyone in the village knew him. «Pierpaolo grew up in the parish in Roncaglia – some acquaintances said – he was always a very introverted boy, he didn’t like to stand out, but he was always friendly with everyone and above all a person you could trust. After separating, he returned to live with his parents. He was rebuilding his life, a special friend we all loved. We don’t know what happened in Corso Argentina, we have always known him as an attentive person both on his motorbike and in his car. A tragedy, the loss of him, that we were not ready for.” Immediately after the accident, Pierpaolo Salmaso’s body, with the authorization of the judiciary, was transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Padua and made available to his family for the funeral. There would in fact be no doubt about the causes that led to his death. The dates of the funeral are likely to be announced today. On that day there will be many who will want to be present to say goodbye for the last time to a silent friend, but with a big heart and a look that captured the attention of anyone who met him. Also at the funeral was a representative of the Municipality of Ponte San Nicolò.


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PADUA – On the asphalt of Corso Argentina, towards Padova Est, immediately after the Corso Uniti junction, the bloodstains and signs of the crash that shortly after are still evident…

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