“We will do our best to defend this beautiful reality. Nicola is extraordinary”

“We will do our best to defend this beautiful reality. Nicola is extraordinary”
“We will do our best to defend this beautiful reality. Nicola is extraordinary”


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In the postgame of Empoli-Romethe president of the Tuscans spoke Fabrizio Corsi.

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An incredible evening, what are you feeling?
Fabrizio Corsi: “I feel trans, we still have to realize the greatness of this undertaking. We will have time. It was a terribly difficult year. The team has grown since January and done something extraordinary. During the week I had many messages of support and encouragement and understanding. We had difficulties that had never happened to me in 30 years of football. In the end, good won, because I believe in it. I said, the Lord must have a hand in it.”

What difficulty?
“Of various types. You have followed us carefully. Maybe talk to the reporters in our area, who are perhaps more attentive. Now let’s move on. We are a model, I’m not saying it, everyone is telling us. We have values ​​that we struggle to defend, but we will do our best to defend this beautiful reality. We gave 20 kids to the national youth teams, only 3-4 teams gave more. We have several teams in the youth championship finals. I could continue to bore you but I’ll stop.”

Yes yes no need to continue:
“I would like to express my regret for the president Stirpe of Frosinone. He’s a good person, he’s an extraordinary person. I’m sorry but I’m sure he will be able to revive the team.”

Can Nicola tell us about it?
“My daughter Rebecca witnesses every day we spend with the team trying to give our best. The coach is a specialist in these situations, you can understand this well by working there. From a character point of view he is extraordinary. He can never find anything that could pose a problem. With these values ​​he framed the team. We had some difficulties, but we scored 22 points in the second round. Now we enjoy salvation. My daughter cried today, but from tomorrow we will start enjoying it. It’s right that we enjoy it.”

His message after Udine gave great positivity, this is sometimes missing in our football:
“Thank you thank you. It took us a few days. I wanted to cut my wrists thinking about what happened. But I didn’t have it in me and we concentrated on this match, which seemed difficult, but knowing the boys, in the end it was possible. I want to thank everyone for the attention you have given us. We are a city of 45 thousand inhabitants, the numbers do not seem to coincide with Serie A but instead.”

You need to expand the stadium:
“We’re working on it. Today 2,000 fans remained outside, we gave more space to the Roma fans and to be sporting. This is a sign of sportsmanship.”

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